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Posted by Rahsoft RF Certificate on December 28th, 2020

Microwave Amplifier and Low Noise Amplifier (LNA) Design Theory and Principles online course – RAHRF526

Microwave Amplifier and Low Noise Amplifier (LNA) Design Theory and Principles (RAHRF526) is Rahsoft’s Core course towards Rahsoft Radio Frequency Engineering Certificate. Radio Frequency Courses for professionals

This unique course concentrates on the practicality introduction through the LNA and Microwave Amplifier topics with tutorials ending with examples and Key sight’s Advanced Design System (ADS) simulation introductory.

Please note the main software simulation of this course is in a separate course called Microwave Amplifier and Low Noise Amplifier (LNA) Simulation Lab (RAHRF526-L ) Radio Frequency Courses for students

In this course we would review what we have learned in Microwaves and then jump through Microwave Amplifier Design by discussing different topics such as two port network, power gain and transducer power gain by providing examples both in calculation as well as simulation. We will then introduce Microwave Amplifier Model and discuss various characteristics such as Stability. We will then discuss Microwave Amplifier design by reviewing different aspects such as Max gain, design of its matching circuit, Constant-Gain Circles for specific gain and small signal Model.

Introduction to RF Testing Fundamentals and RF Test Architecture – RAHRF412

This course (Introduction to RF Testing and Fundamentals and RF architecture) is meant for engineers and technicians which are new to an RF environment. In this course you’ll be able to learn about the most common equipment and techniques used to test RF components. We’ll also explain the most common types of measurements, from basic to advanced, in order for you to become a great RF engineer in no time. Top Radio Frequency Courses Online

Introduction to Phased Array Antenna in 5G network- RAHAE310

In RAHAE310 we would be concentrating on evolution of wireless technology i.e. 1G to 5G with all aspects and type of antennas used in all previous wireless technology based mobile phone. Many beam forming techniques like Butler matrix, Blass matrix, Disruptive beam forming have been discussed. It contains the fundamental concepts of beam management, beam scanning and principle behind the met surfaces explained in simply way. This course addresses the phased array, different phase shifting methods and its advantages over planar array and briefly explains the massive MIMO technology and its role in 5G technology.

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