Things To Do Before Launching A New Website

Posted by Michael Griffin on December 28th, 2020

Launching a fully designed and developed website is quite a big task even if you are a seasoned Denver web design firm. Websites are very complex and as such, it is essential that all the things that go into making a website are checked thoroughly before and even after the launch of the website.

There are so many possibilities of things going wrong that digital marketers and web designers need to pay careful attention to the details while also not losing sight of the bigger picture. preparing a complete website checklist will allow you to go through everything important for the success of your website and this article will give you a comprehensive list of everything that requires to be checked during the launch of a website.

Before Building The Website

Crawl Previous Website

By documenting the previous site's structure, pages, and assets, you can solidify your view for a new website and create a solid development plan. By knowing what data existed before, you can change it and enhance it for the better.

Ascertain New Website Goals And Strategies To Achieve Them

Crafting a proper plan is important in building a quality website. Decide your goals for the website and also enlist how you will achieve them. Think about how you'll increase the ease of use for the visitors, and how you'll make it visually refreshing, etc.

Develop An Effective CMS

A Content Management System or CMS allows you to design your website based on a pre-created template, conduct the SEO for your content, and edit the contents after it has been published. Building the web pages on a CMS helps a lot while building the website.

Create The Right SEO Strategies

A solid SEO strategy is essential for the success of your website. Do thorough website research and decide what you want to rank for and then publish that keyword centric content. If you're building on an existing website, decide what pages are no longer necessary and what new pages you're going to add.

Use An Analytics Software

After all, this is done, choose an analytics software that you'll be using on your website. Also, decide whether you want to keep any previous analytics tracking script or you will create new accounts/scripts.

Before Launching The Website

Make Sure Texts Are Error Free

Once you have planned and have everything ready for the website launch, go through the website text once to ensure that everything is error-free, there are no generic texts in the body and all the contact information is correct. Make sure that the grammar and spellings of the premium content are checked thoroughly.

Make Sure That The Design Is Visually Pleasing

The visual content of a website is highly important and as such before you launch the website take a good look at the design and see if all the design preferences have been implemented or not. Also, make sure that all the images and fonts that you use on the website are properly cited or licensed.

Make Sure Your Metadata Is Optimized

Having the metadata in place is highly important for the success of your SEO strategy and Search Engine Marketing In Denver. Ensure that the metadata is in place for both RSS feed and social media shares. The spelling and grammar are accurate in the metadata and that the right alt tags have been added to all the images.

Check The User Experience

Test your site for user experience before launch. Ensure that it is compatible across different browsers and devices. All the images, videos, and files are properly formatted and all the links are working properly.

Create A Backup Strategy

To prevent loss of data or protect your website against malware, you need to conduct regular backups. Schedule regular backups and identify backup locations to set the backup strategy in motion once the site has been created. Also, store all your passwords and important credentials in a safe location.

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