Gallium Oxide Market Current Trends And Future Aspect Analysis 2025

Posted by BIS RSRCH on December 28th, 2020

The demand for smaller, fast, and more reliable devices has led to the demand for wide bandgap (WBG) semiconductors globally. WBG semiconductors have huge potential to meet the performance demands in the emerging equipment and devices. These semiconductors enable operations at higher voltages and temperature ranges and provide Sample switching frequencies with greater efficiencies compared with the existing silicon-based devices. WBG material devices offer a comparatively smaller footprint than the traditional silicon materials.

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Gallium oxide is one of the emerging WBG materials, which is exponentially expediting in the semiconductor market. WBG material’s strengths and bottlenecks are strongly affecting the growth of its market driving applications. The critical factors of gallium oxide materials that are responsible for its adoption in the market are reliability, compact size, high efficiency, fast switching speed, and temperature range, among others. Researchers and industry experts are harnessing these qualities and integrating the materials with their application segments. WBG semiconductor materials are poised to pave the way for innovations and developments in the electronics industry.

The silicon material market is mature and has applications in the power electronics industry. The electronic industry is using large Si wafers for integrations in electronic devices. The silicon industry has reached its theoretical limits of further improvement in the overall yield of a semiconductor device. The gallium oxide material overshadows the performance of Si materials driven by factors such as the reduction in energy losses, the ability to deal with high voltage operations, high operating frequency, and high-power density. Catering to the growing demands for this WBG material, government bodies are also coming up with research initiatives and studies to strategize the widespread pallet of applications of gallium oxide.

Giant players of the semiconductor industry are utilizing their resources and updating their traditional silicon-based devices with gallium oxide technology, a new and more efficient technology in the market. Partnerships and collaborations are the key strategies followed by companies in the ecosystem.

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The gallium oxide market is expected to show remarkable growth in the next five years. The evolution in semiconductors has significantly changed the overall demand scenario. Due to the better properties of gallium oxide materials, they are being used in various end-use applications. The following table presents an overview of the global gallium oxide market, along with a summary of different segmentations covered in this research study.

The global market for gallium oxide, based on application type, can be categorized into power and high voltage devices, gas sensors, electroluminescent devices, and others. The power and high voltage devices application segment is expected to dominate the market over the forecast period. Electroluminescent devices also hold a significant market share because the exclusive properties of rare-earth dopants are best demonstrated in materials like gallium oxide. The material, when doped with europium and manganese, emits green and red emissions that are considered suitable colors in full-color displays.

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