The Most Effective Method To Tell If Your Kid Is Prepared For Preschool

Posted by Diksha Sharma on December 28th, 2020

Although most preschools in India start accepting toddlers after the age of two and a half, it does not necessarily mean that your child is ready. Their readiness for preschool has more to do with where they are developmentally. Before your child’s preschool admission, it is necessary that you observe if your child is emotionally, physically and socially prepared to enter into a structured environment with a group of kids their age. There are sure signs that you must pay attention to before enrolling your child in a preschool.

Sign No. 1: Are they able to spend time away from you?

Young children often suffer from separation anxiety when they first spend time away from their parents. However, if your child is willing and able to spend time away from you, they will not find it difficult to adjust in the preschool environment. 

Sign No. 2: Is your child relatively independent?

It is essential that your child can accomplish necessary tasks without supervision before they are sent off to preschool. They should be able to take care of their basic needs, like washing their hands, eating without assistance, and sleeping on their own. 

Sign No. 3: Can they concentrate on a task for a more extended period?

The ability to concentrate on a single task for a more extended period of time is essential. Preschool projects require children to focus on a single task that can last for up to thirty minutes. Hence, it is vital for your child to be able to finish the task without being distracted.

Sign No. 4: Are they ready to interact with other children?

Preschools are the first time when children are introduced to their peers and adults out of the family structure. It is necessary that your child is ready to interact with others, knows how to share, wait for their turns, and learns to listen to their peers and teachers. 

Sign No. 5: Do they have plenty of stamina to complete a school day?

Preschools are meant to keep your child busy, and the days can often be longer than what your child is used to. Hence, it is important to be sure that your child can make it through the day filled with various activities without running out of steam. 

Early childhood education can be an enriching experience for your child. However, it is essential that they only start school when they are emotionally and physically ready. As a parent, you must pay attention to all these signs before your child’s preschool admission. If you think your child is ready, you may want to consider a reputed preschool like Kidzee, where the teachers and staff members are well trained and experienced in dealing with toddlers and looking after their needs.

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