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Posted by prepaidcardstatus on December 28th, 2020

PrepaidCardStatus – Guide to check your Gift Card Balance

Getting a gift card on special events is so exciting. But one thing that bothers all of us is how to check the remaining balance on my card? Well, for your convenience we have brought a review of the best wallet portal which is PrepaidCardStatus.

So your biggest problem with prepaid and gift card is now going to vanish. Once you try this portal you will get the bucket of easiness. I will discuss more details about it in my further review. 

So let’s start with the basic introduction of this portal.

What is PrepaidCardStatus?

 PrepaidCardStatus is an official credit card login website or wallet. The usage of this wallet is pretty simple as anyone can use it. You just need to create an account if you want to add two or more cards in the same wallet. If you only want to check the details of one gift card then you even don’t need to get register with it.

So it is an online gift card wallet that informs you about every detail and record of your card. No matter what type of card you are using, it may be a Visa, MasterCard or even Vanilla gift card, all these types are valid for this wallet.

Furthermore, we will discuss the benefits and registration process of this wallet.

How to get Activate a Prepaid Card with PrepaidCardStatus?

So now here comes the most important part of the review. If you have so many different kinds of prepaid and gift cards then you can add all those cards into one wallet and check their details in one platform.

Now you don’t need to create dozens or wallets and log in to different online accounts step by step to check the balance. Here is an easy solution to your problem.

But before you add these cards you need to register an account there. For this purpose, you can use our guide below.

  • Go to the official website of PrepaidCardStatus
  • Click on create a wallet
  • Now enter your card number with CVS code and expiry date
  • Enter your email address
  • Phone number
  • First and last name of the cardholder
  • Billing address for your wallet and card
  • And click submit

So now your online wallet is ready where you can add as many cards as you want without any hassle.

Is it a Legit or Scam?

So far in this review and guide, I can say with 100% guarantee that the wallet is legit and you don’t need to worry about it. The website is not a scam and anything like this.

There are a large number of cardholders from all around the world who are using this platform for a long time. If this is a scam site then until now it would have run away. But as you can see the number of users to this portal is increasing day by day. 

So this is solid evidence that the site is 100% legit and risk-free. So don’t be anxious and create your wallet today.

Why there is a hype on Reddit about it?

Reddit is a social media site or platform where people can share their thoughts and opinions. So due to a well famous portal, people are talking about this wallet on Reddit, Facebook, Twitter and many other social sites.

The majority of people are asking about the benefits and legitimacy of the site and the majority of the reviews are 100% positive.

If you have any doubt or concern about it then you can also check the Reddit reviews about prepaidcardstatus. And I am pretty sure that you will get the authenticity.

Is this Wallet Safe and Worthy?

Yes, the prepaid wallet is all worthy and safe to use. You can create an account and use it without any worries. The worthiness is due to the expediency and user-friendly interface of this portal. There are only two basic things that you need to check your gift card balance.

  1. Internet Service 
  2. Prepaid Gift Card Details

So I don’t think that in today’s era anyone can live without the internet. And the internet is also becoming cheap and easy to avail of for everyone. Therefore, you need nothing but the two above mentioned things and then you are all set to go.

Who is Ben Wills and why people are talking about him?

Ben Wills is an author and financial expert who is working for banks, credit card companies and financial advisors for a long time. He has great experience in the banking and finance field.

So that’s the reason when someone is talking about the credit card, prepaid card and any other thing related to this category then we see a name of him sometimes. 

I Forgot my PrepaidCardStatus login details, what to do?

In case you forgot the username and password of your prepaidcardstatus portal then it’s all fine and no need to take tension. Your assets are safe and secure.

You just need to follow the guidelines for recovering your login credentials.

  1. Once you are landed on the official site click on forgot username or password (Click accordingly)
  2. After the click, you will be asked for the email address that you have used when have registered
  3. They will send you a reset link on your email
  4. Click the link and reset your username or password

Final Verdict

So this is the review and guide on PrepaidCardStatus portal and I hope you enjoy it and get a benefit as well. So if you have any questions then you can ask us frequently. 

Love and Regards!

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