Exercise for health

Posted by ei2Aevai on December 28th, 2020

Exercise for health

The purpose of the exercise:

Under normal circumstances, it would not be necessary to exercise your own body. Man, like any other animal, was destined to live in the wild, have plenty of fresh air, and participate in enough physical activity to keep the body fit and vital. Technological and economic advances, however, have led to an increasingly sedentary lifestyle, which requires physical exercise to keep our bodies healthy and strong.

The purpose of physical exercise is not just to show ourselves that we are capable of challenging the aging process, looking good, or preventing a heart attack. Exercise also improves our ability to digest food and eliminate physical and emotional impurities. In addition, it increases firmness and flexibility, as well as our ability to cope with stressful situations. The lymphatic system, especially, which drains toxic and harmful substances from the connective tissues of the organs and muscles, depends on the daily movement of all parts of the body. Unlike blood, which has a heart to circulate through the body, lymphatic fluid does not have a direct pumping device to do the same. The lymphatic system is highly dependent on the breathing mechanism and how well we use it. When the muscle responsible for the respiratory action of the lungs (diaphragm) extends into the abdomen, it exerts great pressure on the intestinal lymphatic vessels, thus squeezing their contents. This forces the lymph to move through lymphatic ducts, such as the thoracic duct. Therefore, each inhalation and exhalation acts as an indirect pump for the lymphatic system. Shallow breathing that results from a sedentary lifestyle (and intestinal congestion) has a detrimental effect on proper lymphatic drainage. Exercise can greatly improve lymphatic functions and thus prevent a multitude of diseases.

Physical exercise is a great immune booster if done in moderation, and it also improves neuromuscular integration in all age groups. Its effect of increasing self-confidence and self-esteem is due, to some extent, to the better supply of oxygen to the cells and the resulting well-being in all parts of the body and mind. Exercise is an excellent means of increasing happiness in life, especially if it involves challenges that require creativity. วิธีออกกำลังกาย

The conventional approach to exercise promotes the belief that a good workout pushes you to the limit of your endurance, leaving you exhausted and tired. This is not true. Exercise that exhausts your body is an indirect act of violence that the body perceives as a kind of punishment for not performing well enough. The pain shown on people's faces when they are struggling through a tough training program is an indication that the body is overstressing. This type of exercise defeats your purpose. Any form of strong physical exertion upsets Vata and causes the secretion of abnormal amounts of stress hormones such as adrenaline; this leaves the body restless and trembling. The body, thus depleted of energy, is unable to do the repair work that arises from demanding training, leaving the cardiovascular system weak and vulnerable to other stressors.

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