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Posted by Vishal Kaushik on December 28th, 2020

There are a number of people who keep adopting some recipes for weight gain. But their weight does not increase even after a million attempts. If you are also trying to gain weight, then you need to follow a weight gaining diet chart.

Pre-Breakfast Meal:

Now make a habit to have a drink or some nutritious beverages immediately after waking up in the morning. Try not to get too late in your first meal and only then you will be able to start gaining weight.

Consume milk or eat 2 bananas within one hour of waking up in the morning. Also eat 6 dates, 10 soaked raisins and 7-8 soaked almonds. Nuts taken with milk will increase the amount of energy, protein and fat, as well as your body will get other essential nutrients like iron, magnesium etc. At the same time, essential nutrients present in banana help a lot in weight gain and keep the amount of energy in the body right throughout the day.

Breakfast Meal:

After this it is time to have breakfast. Breakfast should always be complete as it provides energy to do all your day's work. Also, to maintain the energy level in the body, it is necessary to take protein and carbohydrate foods in the breakfast. If you want to increase your weight, try not to skip breakfast for a single day.

In breakfast, you can consume-

  • Two multigrain breads with boiled eggs or omelette with butter, or
  • Corn flakes or a bowl of oatmeal, or
  • Porridge khichdi with poha, upma or lots of vegetables, or
  • Two rotis with vegetables or two stuffed parathas + 1 bowl of curd, or
  • Whole wheat bread or paneer sandwich, or
  • Fruits or fresh fruit juice

Benefits of these foods may include-

  • Fat present in butter will help in increasing body weight. Eating two multigrain breads with eggs or omelettes will give you 160 to 300 grams of calories.
  • Corn flakes contain high amounts of vitamins, proteins and calories. Eating oats keeps the body healthy as well as gives the body a good amount of energy, if you make oatmeal with lentils and lots of green vegetables, then your calories, protein, vitamin levels will increase even more.
  • Poha has 270 grams of calories, which is very beneficial in increasing your body weight. If you like to eat upma instead of poha then you can also have it. It has 322 calories, which is perfect for increasing your body weight.
  • Two rotis with vegetables contain between 250-300 calories and eating two stuffed parathas with curd will give your body a plenty of protein, probiotics and calories.
  • Paneer sandwich contains about 350-600 calories which will prove to be a power pack of energy and protein for you, if you are traveling in the morning then it will prove to be a good breakfast for you.
  • Many individuals prefer to take a traditional breakfast in the morning, in such a way, your energy, fat, protein, vitamins and minerals will be easily fulfilled by these foods such as idli and sambar.
  • By taking fruit juice or sweet lassi in breakfast you will be able to add extra amount of energy to your breakfast.

Post-Breakfast Meal:

After breakfast (between 10-11 PM), you can take a beverage or a small snack. But, keep in mind that it should nourish your body and helps in weight gain.

For this you can consume-

  • Fat milk or creamy butter
  • Mango shake or mango Smoothie
  • Home made flour and dry fruits
  • Corn salad
  • Boiled gram salad
  • Fruit Salad (with roasted seeds)


Lunch is the next part of the diet plan for weight gain. Eating lunch maintains the level of basal metabolic rate in the body. If you are vegetarian, you can consume roti-vegetable or pulse-rice. But, if you are a non-vegetarian, then you can eat fish, chicken, mutton, as well as, you can also use other food dishes such as-

  • Two rotis and a small bowl of rice or casserole
  • A bowl of lentils or kidney beans, chickpeas or cowpeas
  • Two pieces of chicken, two pieces of fish, eggs or cheese
  • Baked with vegetables + potatoes, sweet potatoes, beets, carrots according to the season
  • A small bowl of sweet curd

Benefits of these food may include-

  • If you eat 2 rotis in lunch, your body will get 200 grams of calories and one cup of rice will have 150 grams of calories.
  • A bowl of any lentils or beans will provide 150 to 250 calories along with a lot of protein, which will make your body weight healthy as well.
  • If you are a non-vegetarian, then you can have a choice other than lentils. Yes, you can also have a bowl of fish, two pieces of chicken, mutton or cheese for lunch.
  • Vitamins and minerals present in vegetables help to improve the state of absorption of food in your body, along with the fiber present in them helps to keep the stomach clean.

Evening Snack:

Between 6:00 to 6:30 PM, you can take some light smacks. But, it is very important to have protein and carbohydrate in it, which will help your body to gain weight.

For this you can consume-

  • Vegetable or chicken soup with butter
  • Sandwich with cheese or mayonnaise
  • Grilled cheese
  • Boiled eggs


Your dinner should always be nutritious and avoid including anything that you can't digest at night. Dinner should always be tried 2.5 hours before your bedtime.

In your dinner, you can eat as you ate in lunch, but don't just take rice and take only one item of protein such as lentils, beans, chicken, fish or cheese.

Be sure to drink one glass of whole milk (with fat) before bed between 10:30 to 11:00 PM. Consuming warm milk before going to bed helps to remove all the fatigue of entire day.

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