When Your Partner Loves You Much More Than You Love Them

Posted by Jorge Sami on December 28th, 2020

when you love someone more than you love yourself

When you fall in love, you normally hope that your affection would be returned in practically the same manner you have given it. Essentially, you really want love to be really absolute, reciprocal, as well as fulfilling.

Therefore, you want someone who would take good care of you, nurture you, as well as treasure you in the same way you do for them.

In the purest form, dedicated love involving two people should be about them reciprocally supporting and encouraging each other while they hold one another up and also have one another’s back.

Their shared mutuality enables them to look at potential possibilities only in the context of their spouse as an important component of it.

The life of each partner in this type of love relationship is made even more whole and satisfying thanks to the blissful feeling that they have of the place their “better half” have grown to have in their life.

Finding yourself in this kind of a relationship will undoubtedly make you want to try and do everything it will take to retain such a spouse in your life. You will normally want this type of partner to constantly stay next to you irrespective of wheresoever life takes the two of you or even whatever it brings on your path.

However, the fact is that there are a lot of issues that come into play when it comes to getting the suitable person with whom you want to devote the rest of your life.

Usually, it is very difficult to find a likely spouse who has got very much the same perspectives as you. On account of this, you might quickly become upset by your incompetence to find a genuinely fulfilling relationship.

Many issues can often make the problem considerably more difficult. Concerns like your own weaknesses, worries, and habits might get in the way and obstruct you from giving your likely lover a chance.

At other times, you may possibly not be discerning the signs of somebody who desires to enter into a relationship, however just not the kind you’re trying to find, and you wind up passing one another by.

However, there are occasions when you might be fortunate and in a long-term romantic relationship with the aim of expressing your beliefs, aspirations, and purposes for the foreseeable future with your lover. But somehow you end up wondering how come it appears like they don’t care for you in the same manner you care for them.

loving someone more than yourself

There certain times when you’re in a relationship where you love someone more than yourself. In examining the amount of love your partner has for you in a relationship, it is actually important for you to look at what is truly there and not to let your feelings impair your vision to cause you to observe just what you wish to see.

Therefore, how do you tell if actually you’re loving somebody greater than they’re loving you in return?

First, it is vital that you understand that no two human beings are exactly similar in any way and love is no exception here. The interesting thing regarding love is that it has many kinds and parts and also different levels of depth to it.

Due to this, you and your partner might truly love one another but to different degrees. As love has different parts, your strongest point of expression of love could be distinct from that of your significant other. Hence, while you might stand out in the passionate aspect, your mate may not have your level of flare in this area.

The danger is in denying the reality that there might possibly be a disproportion in the way love is expressed in your relationship. For that reason, hoping to change your partner as time passes when in a long-term relationship, is a pretty improbable hope.

These wishes quite often end in discouragement, hurt, and infuriation. Thus, this is an element of love that has to be totally understood right from the beginning of your relationship.

On the contrary, there are relationships where you actually find yourself putting in so much effort to make it work while your lover does little or nothing to improve it.

In such scenario, it usually seems like the burden of the relationship’s success totally hangs on your neck. You practically take initiatives for a good number of issues regarding the relationship and try to make the most efforts to get things done.

In most cases, this happens if a spouse gets into a routine of being together with you (and still greatly in love with you) without making any kind of significant effort to broaden the relationship.

In some other circumstances, you may perhaps find yourself virtually giving yourself away to please your lover, or even to receive notice and compliment from them.

At other times, the issue may appear like your significant other is not truly that interested in your own life and what’s transpiring with it. Whilst the actuality may be that they genuinely desire to be aware of how you are performing, they basically might not want to know the nuts and bolts of your daily life.

So, you may not necessarily hear the questions you anticipate from them most of the time. This then again doesn’t suggest that they don’t love or care for you, it is quite possibly that they think of it to be basically additional information.

Additionally, when developing a healthy love relationship, it’s very usual to like to spend a lot of high quality time with each other in order to grow the relationship. On the other hand, sometimes your spouse may perhaps elect to keep old associates and devote some reasonable amount of time with them.

This could lead to a situation where you truly feel like you are actually fighting with your lover’s mates or family members for his or her attention.

loving someone more than yourself

Whereas this may not be a healthy situation to grow a very good relationship, it is nonetheless necessary to know the great need of each spouse having their very own personal lives.

Notwithstanding, to be able to properly develop the caring and intimacy that enduring love relationships ought to have, there is the need to designate larger amount of time to be with each other as lovers.

The fact is that try all you can, you may be unable to wholly turn your lover into somebody they do not wish to be.

Whilst they might possibly not be as reciprocal as you want them to be in specific aspects, are there any other areas in which they shine? Are these aspects where you could concentrate on to be able to develop a much better relationship?

If you try and look deeper, beyond the things you really want from your other half, you’ll often come across better possibilities to develop a much more satisfying relationship with your mate.

The takeaway here will be to learn to live with your dissimilarities and put more work into building the good points you have in your relationship.

You are worthy of having the greatest loving relationship and who says you cannot build it from what you have currently?

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