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Posted by GeorgeVelvet on June 5th, 2014

Celebrities and Hollywood famous couples represent a part of our lives, because they appear every day on television, whether we talk about TV shows, music video clips, awesome movies or great TV series. We all have at least one celebrity that we admire for various reasons, such as their beauty, their style or their amazing performances and now we all have the possibility to ask them any kind of question, such as if the Hollywood news and gossip or the breaking celebrity news are true or false and to make a request for a personal message from them.

A celebrity receives thousands of letters, emails or messages on their social media accounts, but they usually do not respond to them because they do not have enough time or because the messages are quite inappropriate. If you are passionate about a celebrity from Hollywood and you want to have a personal thing from them, apart from an autograph or a picture that can be taken during a concert, you should know that you can obtain a personal and significant message from your loved celeb. Moreover, if you have a personal question about the Hollywood news and gossip or the breaking celebrity news that have them as a subject, you should not hesitate to ask them personally.You can send them a message on their Facebook or Twitter account, but you cannot be perfectly sure that they will answer, especially if the subject is a very delicate one.

There is a great and new website available for everyone, which is entitled CelebQuest, where you can get in touch with your favorite famous people and ask them to send you a vocal message that contains some information or a certain phrase that you want to hear them saying, such as “Happy birthday!”, “Have a wonderful weekend!”, “Be strong!” or “Do not let anyone take away your happiness!”. All you have to do is to find your favorite celeb on this website, send them a request and wait for their answer. If they accept your request, you will shortly receive the desired message from them, which will enlighten your day immediately.

You can keep this message all to yourself, but you can also share it with your friends via email, Facebook, YouTube or other social media websites, in order to make them jealous of you. All you have to do for obtaining such a message from your favorite celeb is to visit the website and make your request. After he or she accepts your request, you can simply enjoy the personal message that you have from him or her in many ways: you can set it as a ringtone, as a voice message or just keep it in your mobile phone or personal computer in order to hear it whenever you want.

To sum up, if you want to know the truth about the Hollywood news and gossip and breaking celebrity news about your favorite famous people and even to get in touch with them and obtain a personal vocal message from them, you should definitely visit the website mentioned above.

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