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Posted by kattedonn on June 5th, 2014

 Photography is an art and it takes more than a good camera to be called a photographer. Especially when it comes to an advertising photographer, businesses should be interested in finding someone with experience in the field, someone who can prove their professionalism and their talent. No matter how advanced a camera really is; if someone good isn’t behind it, great photos will never come out. Great photographers know how to master light, they know about colours, about combining them, about design and a lot more. If you happen to be a hotel owner, looking for a hotel photographer, don’t just choose the first person that comes along, as your image is at stake.

Nowadays, even photographers are specialised in different areas. This is why you see wedding photographers, commercial ones, landscape photographers and so on. It is not a good idea to hire a wedding photographer to take pictures of your hotel. Different subjects will always demand different skills, as an advertising photographer knows how to highlight products or commercial spaces; they know how to offer solutions. In case of wedding photographers, they work especially well with people, with moments. Even when it comes to commercial photographers, you will see their area of expertise differs, as some are specialised in fashion, while others on cars and jewellery, architecture, food and a lot more.

When you find a hotel photographer, it is best to ask about copyrights and see if once you are given the photos, you are able to do whatever you want with them. Buying stock photos instead of having an advertising photographer in your location taking personalised shots is not always a good idea. Think about your competitors, they could be using stock photos as well, maybe the same ones. This way, you will lose credibility in front of your customers and you certainly don’t want that to happen. The photographer will take specific photos of your location and will be able to present them in a unique manner.

The photos can then be used on your website, on brochures and catalogues, in trade shows, conferences, fares and so on. A hotel photographer will come to your location when you specify and when he/she is available to take the desires shots. You can mention important details of what you want to capture and what you want the photos to express. Of course, in case of hotels, you want people to be well invited, to feel welcome and to convince them that you are the best choice. Your marketing campaigns can be supported for years, as the photos can be used until you make changes or renovate the hotel.

Investing in an advertising photographer is always a good idea, since it implies investing in your own image and your own business. Photos are used to communicate messages, ideas and desires. Clients believe in what they see and once they look at some stunning and realistic photos, they will believe in what you promote. You can help people get what they want, which is represented by what you are offering.

No one show the essence of your hotel better than a hotel photographer. If you want to invest in your marketing campaign, don’t forget about the advertising photographer.

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