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Posted by upvcvanfctory on December 29th, 2020

Frankenstein's monster could be described as the ultimate cosmetic surgery gone terribly, terribly wrong but that is pvc butterfly valve what you get when you try to create life from used body parts and bolts.  If Frankenstein were to be written today the concept would likely be less gothic and likely center around the concept of how a bad plastic surgery can make you feel like Frankenstein's monster.If you are considering plastic surgery- of any kind- the most important two steps you can take are to learn about the procedure in depth from the beginning to the healing process and the surgery in between and secondly research your plastic surgeon as if your life depended on it because in a way it does.

While very few patients die during cosmetic surgeries, it can happen but that is rare and regardless your "death" will be more of a spiritual nature in this case if you choose a plastic surgeon who screws up your surgical results and makes you wish you had just not done the procedure at all. Start by getting referrals from people you know who have had plastic surgery that was successful and pay attention to the people who had surgery that was not successful.  It can be just an important to know what went wrong as it can be to know what went right and why.Educate yourself before you begin interviewing plastic surgeons so that you know what to ask and what surgical procedures and techniques are options to ask about.  If you don't know anything about the procedure you are planning to undertake your surgeon can give you the facts but you may not know what you wished you had asked because you didn't do your own research ahead of time.A good clue when you are ready to interview plastic surgeons is what professional peer organizations they belong to. 

Member ship in peer organizations indicates that your doctor is striving to learn and keep up on the latest technology and has met the requirements required to be included in this organizations that are often formed to create high standards in the field of cosmetic surgery.  Look for membership in the American Society of Plastic Surgeons for example to find doctors who have met or exceeded the requirement to have a minimum number of years' experience as both a general surgeon as well as a cosmetic surgeon.This can make the difference between looking like Frankenstein's creation and looking like a Hollywood creation.Finally when you interview cosmetic surgeons be prepared with a list of questions about the surgery, the risk factors involved and the cost. If you have realistic expectations going in you are going to be way happier with your results going out and that is kind of the purpose of your surgery so why not get what you paid for and expect?

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