How To Write An Effective Personal Statement?

Posted by LSAC on December 29th, 2020

Many law school candidates feel that they have made through their college means they know how to write personal statements. Well, let us tell you that the law school personal statement is nothing similar to your college statement. 

In fact, you will require to level up your writing game. This is because most of the lawyer’s life is spent writing, meaning everything from grammar to your writing style must be perfect. 

And since there will be many other high GPA perfectionists applying for the Law degrees along with you, you need to ensure that your application stands out. 

So, here are a few ways to write an effective personal statement. 

1- Draft about your uniqueness:

Being unique is the most important yet underrated aspect. It is always better to consider the events that molded you into the person you are in the present. This can either be a person, a situation, or even eye-witnessed profound. 

Just be sure that the final statement isn’t sad but has emotions. Similarly, it shouldn’t be about your life but about the turning event. 

2- Keep the content captivating:

At a minimum, an admission council will have hundreds of personal statements at his desk to go through. Even if the law school admission council is an avid reader, he/she will get bored too. 

But if your story is unique and attention-grabbing or if your writing style is impactful than others, then the admission council will take extra time in reading it.

Keep these tips in mind while drafting the statement:

  • Make a bold and attractive intro

  • Create an impactful conclusion

  • Keep it short yet direct

  • Request someone to go through it to detect typos or other errors

3- Never oversell:

We know people love to share their accomplishments, and there is nothing wrong with that. But be cautious and avoid going overboard with how you display the details in writing. You don’t want to sound imperious but genuine. Being genuine will earn you the reader’s favor. 

Instead of self-praising a certain event, let your LSAT score and GPA represent you. See to it that your statement reflects your character and personality in an honest way. 

4- Know who your audience is:

Know that every law school has a different requirement when it comes to the personal statement. So, don’t be on a false pretense that one statement will fit all. 

See what the law school is asking for in the personal statement and answer them accordingly. 

Bottom line

We all know that personal statements are the stepping stone towards acquiring Advanced Law Degrees. In fact, it is one of the important stepping stones. So, don’t let the improper resume take away your chance. Instead, use our tips and make sure your resume stands out and increase your chances of acceptance in law school. 

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