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Posted by Dr Rajat Sachdeva on December 29th, 2020

Whether your teeth is chipped, crooked or just won’t stay white no matter how many at-home teeth whitening products you try, you might be interested in finding out more about veneers.

A veneers is a thin wafer of porcelain that is permanently bonded to a tooth to mask its natural color, shape or positioning in the mouth.

For example, you tripped and got a chipped tooth that has a gray cast to it, veneers would be the solution to this problem.

It could be done on a single tooth or multiple teeth. You also have the option of getting partial or full veneers – totally depends on your needs and budget.

Veneers are a multi-step process that is often spread over a few appointments, but the results are definitely worth the extra time.

What is so special about the specific veneers is how customized they are for each of the patients. To make sure you are going to like the end product, a blueprint (smile drive) of your teeth is made through CAD/CAM; intraoral scanner which examines the impression and doctor sculpts what your new smile will look like so that pictures could be clicked to assure you the result.

Once temporary veneers are made with minimal tooth cutting, the patient wears them for a week. You can call it a pilot smile.

They usually don’t fall off but if it does they are fixable.

They are an investment that you have to take care of regular brushing and flossing.

To recapitulate, budget-friendly, long-lasting method of attaining teeth whitening with minimal teeth grinding and usage of organic products.

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