What are the categories of customized matching office furniture?

Posted by hw on December 29th, 2020

In addition to the main desk and chair, there are also matching office furniture products to be customized and purchased. There are many benefits to customizing a complete set of office furniture, and many companies are more than happy to combine them all at once when customizing office furniture. What are the categories of supporting office workers? How to customize office furniture matching?

Category of customized matching office furniture

The main body of office furniture is desk and office chair. The matching office has side cabinet, data cabinet, meeting system, negotiation system, training system, tea cabinet, leisure office sofa, etc. Some large and medium-sized companies will also configure their own dining area, dining table, dining chair is also the scope of customized collocation.

How to customize office furniture:

Customized matching office furniture to the number of office area, the number of staff to form a complete set, the overall design style of office space, the configuration of the same category of the same equipment.

In order to save time, the company can choose a complete set of one-time, so that the company more quickly put into use. In the same office furniture manufacturer to customize the company's office furniture, can get more after-sales service and guarantee.

Tips for using office furniture

1. Protect against the sun/water and moisture

Board type office furniture should not be placed in the sun directly exposed to the area, otherwise easy to lose luster; But also cannot put its in damp big area, because damp and make plank appears easily otherwise out of shape, then cause drawer to pull not to come out and rust of interior spare parts, affect to use directly. The right area is the dry area where the air flows naturally, which can lead to periodic maintenance of office furniture.

2. Dust/heat protection

Pay special attention to the daily cleaning of board office furniture. When cleaning float ash, try not to use a wet towel, you can use a duster. Do not put hot water or alkali corrosive irritants on board office furniture.

3. Scratch-resistant flowers

When using board type office furniture, special attention should be paid to special attention to scratch. Hard equipment, or impact is very easy to damage board office furniture.

4. Move

Board type office furniture is generally very large and difficult to carry and move. If you must move, you should pay special attention to handling light. If board type office furniture is very big, can use soft line to help move board type office furniture.

In the early days of office furniture purchases, many people pay attention to maintenance. But for a long time, they will not pay attention to it. In fact, if you want to extend the life of office furniture, you must always pay attention to the daily cleaning and maintenance.

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