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Posted by Milad Real Estate on December 29th, 2020

We often use the terms ‘apartment’ and ‘condo’ to refer a place of living which are chosen as per the need, budget and choice.

The increase in demand for residential units has encouraged home builders for constructing residential buildings in large number for sale or rental purposes.

Coming up of residential buildings in various beautiful locations in Menlo Park has led to a great surge in Menlo Park CA real estate business.

What to choose - an apartment or condo?

While choosing between an apartment and condo as a residential accommodation, you must bear in mind the basic difference between both of them.

Broadly speaking, the word ‘apartment’ implies to a self-contained residential unit inside a building which can be a house, townhouse, big residential building, housing complex or even high-rise condominium.

Menlo Park apartments are architectural designation and without regard to legal ownership issues as mostly apartments are not owned but rented units. Inside living space of an apartment may consist of one room or a set of more number of rooms with kitchen, bathroom and toilet, within a building.

The responsibility of maintenance of Menlo Park apartments is generally owned by a designated property management company or corporation. Whereas, condo is a private residential unit, owned by an individual, called the landlord.

Contrary to common thinking, co-ops and Menlo Park condos are not rentals although they resemble rental apartments and are part of residential units within a high rise multi-residence building. However, Menlo Park condos units can be subleased and the owners of the condo can rent out their unit. When unit is in sublet condition, it becomes a rental apartment.

A condo, being privately owned, is managed by landlord i.e. owner of the condo.

While buying an apartment or a condo

People are very selective these days and always want to buy the best residential unit at best available price for their living. Accordingly, there are a myriad of builders in Menlo Park that construct and develop residential areas, complexes and communities.

These residential units as Menlo Park apartments and Menlo Park condos of various sizes at beautiful and attractive locations are constructed keeping in mind the choices and needs of home buyers.

Accordingly, a large number of Menlo Park apartments and Menlo Park Condos for sale are available for you to choose from.

When you plan to buy an apartment of a condo, you must check whether, the building is:

• Aesthetically pleasing 
• Energy efficient 
• Durable for generations to come 
• Available at fair and equitable pricing

Also look for

• Location i.e.
- View of coast, city or hills
- Waterfront
- Greenbelt 
- Golf course
- Suburban

• Exterior and siding 
• Roof 
• High ceilings.
• Size of rooms, kitchen, bathroom 
• Walk-in tubs and showers
• windows and ventilation 
• Natural light
• Fireplace.
• Drainage 
• Attached garage.

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The company deals in the most affordable and best quality Menlo Park apartments and Menlo Park condos of different sizes at most attractive locations for stylish people like you.

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