Currency Trading Strategies That You Must Check At Once

Posted by dennishahn on December 29th, 2020

Currency trading in Malaysiais defined as the selling and buying of foreign currencies in the foreign exchange. Forex exchange is an extremely volatile market, and trading could be extremely daunting for new and uninformed traders and investors. The major risk in forex exchange trading is that the market is greatly affected by any kind of latest events and news. However, the actual impact could still be unknown as the currencies are traded in pairs. It is for this reason why it is important to have a currency trading strategy while doing VPFX online trading.

So, let us check out the most efficient strategies for currency trading in Malaysia.

  • Cost action strategy

The cost action strategy is the simplest and one of the most commonly utilised forex trading strategies. It simply means to trade with the price, i.e. to take action as per the movements on the price of a particular currency with respect to the other. In the cost action strategy, the forex trader has to first understand who controls the price at present in the forex exchange — the bull or the bear — and accordingly, take the necessary action in trading.


The forex trader should first do an analysis of the current market situation. If an analysis shows that the forex market is currently controlled by the bulls and that the current situation is more likely to continue, then the forex trader should buy more trading positions. Likewise, if the trader’s analysis reflects that the forex market is under the control of the bears, then they should sell their trading positions.


  • Trading with trends strategy

Trading with trends is the most successful forex trading strategy, which is being actively applied while doing currency trading in Malaysia. The trading with trends strategy involves identifying and monitoring the current trends and making the buying or selling decisions. The forex trader first analyses the forex market and checks whether the currency movement is in the downward or upward trend, and accordingly chooses the entry point depending on the strength of the current trend.


To identify the current trend and their direction, the forex trader can make use of different tools, such as relative strength indicators, stochastic, moving average, and more. The best part about the trading with trends strategy is that this target can be effectively applied by both experienced as well as new forex traders, as it becomes very easy to identify and follow the current trends with the help of the specific tools and indicators.


  • Counter-trend forex trading strategy

Counter-trend forex trading strategy is also one of the more successful forex trading strategies. This strategy is actually very helpful initially, as it helps build the forex trader’s confidence because of its better success rate. This strategy is based on the premise that a particular trend does reverse itself. It means that a breakout doesn't actually manifest into a long-term trend.


In simple terms, counter-trend means to trade against the flow. It means to first determine when the price will reach its extreme and when the correction is expected to happen, and then to place your trades in order to get the maximum benefits of this changing trend. The counter-trend forex trader analyses the current pricing trends and determines whether the price has reached its extreme and that a correction is the current pricing can be expected soon. Once the forex trader is sure about their analysis, they place the trading orders. This trading approach is challenging and difficult in comparison to the easier trading with the trends strategy. But with proper practice, a forex trader could master the counter-trend forex trading strategy and reap more profits when the price correction happens.


These are the top forex trading strategies that you should follow while doing currency trading in Malaysia on VPFX online trading.


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