Six Ways to Secure Your Business Wi-Fi Network

Posted by Mohita on December 29th, 2020

When it comes to the security of your business, the Wi-Fi network needs special attention. Preventing your wireless network from becoming a cyber statistic seems to be challenging. As explained by the experts from the NETWORK CONSULTING & INSTALLATIONS servicesthere are several ways to enhance your Wi-Fi security. Read this write up to know six simple steps on securing your business Wi-Fi network at your workplace. 

  • Ensure physical security of the router: As the router is your central hub to your business network, safeguard its location in your office. Remember, even accidental handling of its reset button can change later the entire security setting. Install a video surveillance system where your central server and router are installed.  
  • Use Wireless Protected Access (WPA): WPA is a type of wireless encryption technology that ensures data protection. Experts recommend WPA2. Here, you need to change the setting to the security mode for a suitable option as per your needs. Check with your network provider about WPA and know the protection strength as well. 
  • Update Firmware: Being highly protective and secured software, the Firmware can be installed or run directly on your router or any wireless point. You need to update it as often as possible to check the latest patches, which prevent the intruders from accessing your network. Check with your network service provider and make the updates at regular intervals. 

  • Eliminate default logins and disable remote access: Most routers come with default logins such as username or password. Remember that both of these can easily be found on the Internet. Hence make a rigid and robust quality password and disable the remote access feature in the router’s administrative settings. 

  • Split access points: For a better client and employee experience, most business networks provide free Wi-Fi, and such an arrangement can make a disaster to everyone. Hence, install a Service Set Identifier (SSID) and isolate your business network from the public and thereby ensure an additional layer of protection to your network.
  • Get professional advice: Network and its security activities are dynamic and need a perfect protection system. Hence hiring an expert is mandatory while installing your business network system. Also, make the expert visit your place regularly to check the security aspect and other networking issues that arise from time to time. 
  • Always enable firewall: Router with quality firewall software will indeed protect your business network from hackers. You can also enable the firewall feature in all other devices you use in the network. Few routers have an in-built firewall allowing you to check the packets.

Having heard about protecting your business Wi-Fi network never attempt to install your business network as a DIY project. Hire an expert who can professionally install your Wi-Fi and keep it appropriately secured. By your quick action, you can prevent a cyber-criminal to hack your business network!

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