Your cover til iPhone prevents your phone from breaking

Posted by adairsawyer on June 7th, 2014

Why do people spend so much money on mobile phones? Because they want to show the world that they belong. Mobile phones have become more than utility appliances. These days the mobile phone companies are launching outlandish phones at unbelievable prices and their products are still getting lapped up like crazy. And as mobile phone sales have increased, so have the sales of mobile phone accessories. A mobil cover can be commonly seen on a phone. Many people who buy an iPhone also buy a cover til iPhone because they want to protect their phone.

Do some research on breakage of iPhones and you will be surprised to know that on an average, an iPhone breaks in only 10 weeks. Can you imagine the amount of heartache that is caused as a result? An iPhone is an iPhone, as the ad says. People wait for years to buy the latest version. If it breaks within 10 weeks, there can be nothing worse than that. To make matters worse, 51% of the iPhones are broken within the house. This clearly shows how important a cover til iPhone is.

There is more data coming your way. 43% iPhones are damaged by liquids. Soda cause 19% damage and tea and coffee cause 12% damage each. Most iPhones are damaged when dropped on hard surfaces (43%). 32% people break their iPhones by accidentally standing or sitting on the devices. 12% iPhones are broken when left on the roof of cars and 10% iPhones are damaged by kids.

All this data tells you that no matter how careful you are about your iPhone, it can still get damaged. And iPhone is not an aberration. Research done on other mobile phones also produced more or less the same results. A mobile phone is not an unbreakable device. On the contrary, it can get broken quite easily. But you can always add that extra layer of protection with a mobil cover.

We have been talking damage stats all this while, but let us also look at the style quotient. When you buy an attractive looking mobil cover, you actually get to enhance its look. Select from some of the best looking covers and your phone can get a complete facelift. You can buy cover til iPhone and covers for other phones too – Samsung, Sony, Nokia and LG and so on. It doesn’t matter which mobile phone you have because you can always find an appropriate mobil cover for it. If you are wise enough, you should always buy one.

The price of a mobil cover is rather a pittance compared to your phone. For less than 100 kr, you can buy an excellent looking cover til iPhone. Think of the amount of money you would have spent on buying your iPhone and compare it with this price. Doesn’t it look like a sound investment? To me it surely does. And the best part is that you can buy a cover for your iPhone in any proper online store.

Look at the stats for mobile phone breakage and you will find that it makes sense to buy a cover til iPhone or any other mobil cover.

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