All about Canada Study Visa during COVID-19 Outbreak

Posted by KVCC Global on December 29th, 2020

COVID-19 has surely affected a lot of industries, including the education industry, especially the students. Many students, who had planned to get admitted and move to Canada in the fall of 2020, were forced to drop the idea due to the pandemic. A lot of queries, questions, and fear arose in the minds of students as well as the guardians during these unprecedented times.

Students were put in a complicated situation and to make tough decisions, especially the ones who were planning to get study visa or who had already applied for study visa before the virus engulfed the entire world.

But the pandemic is not entirely over yet. If you are amongst those students who are planning to apply for study visa and move to Canada, here are some things you should know for the process to go smoothly and safely during the pandemic.

Air Travel Process of Study Visa Approval

If you had already applied for a study visa in early 2020 and it has been approved on or before 18th March 2020, you are free to move to any country you want and are exempted from any sort of restrictions. In such case, before flying to Canada, you need to first pass a medical checkup. Whether or not you test positive, according to the Canadian government and government officials rules, you’ll have to quarantine for first 14 days once you land to Canada.

But if your study visa got approved on or after 19th March 2020, you will not be eligible to fly to Canada. But on the bright side, you can still apply for study permit with the help of Canada study visa consultants, for which you’ll have to first apply and get yourself enrolled in a Canadian school or university. You’ll also have to prove that you’ll be able to pay for your tuition fees, and all other forms of expenses including living expenses.

Once all the formalities are completed and your Canada student visa is approved, you will be allowed to safely fly to Canada.

Process of study visa approval:

• Once the Canadian college has accepted your study visa and crosschecked your funds for paying your expenses, you will be eligible for a study permit.
• You can even start your course from your home country, which will be counted towards your PGWP, according to the rules of Canadian government.

Last and Final Approval

Formalities for last and final approval after completion of all the formalities:

• Eligibility requirements and your admission in the university.
• Submission of all documents including police certificate, biometrics and medical examination.

Deferring the Acceptance from the College or University

Due to the uncertainties of the world, many students prefer to defer their acceptance to colleges. With the means of such deferral students are able to choose to delay the process until next year once things start to get a bit normal, even though they have received their offer letter. According to the changes made in PGWP, students can start the course from the comfort of their homes with online studying, and this won’t even affect them working in Canada once the course gets completed.

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