5 Differences between Alkaline Water & Reverse Osmosis

Posted by Ayesha Verma on December 29th, 2020

Are you getting home a water purifier? If yes, you may feel a little confused about the type of water purifier that would suit you the best! You may feel confused between a RO and an alkaline water purifier. Both are very famous and quite popular water purifier technologies and you will surely face a hurdle to choose between one. If you are meeting such confusion, this guide can help you to judge the better one. Here is the difference between RO and alkaline stainless steel tank water purifier, which makes it easy for you to judge.

1. Alkaline water purifier does not need electricity: You just heard it right, if you are purchasing an alkaline water purifier it will work without electricity. However, the reverse osmosis water purifier will work only when there is electricity. A RO water purifier works with electricity but an alkaline water purifier will not need electricity. So, if you are planning to buy you can focus on this point.

2. Ro removes all the minerals: If you are using a RO water purifier, you can be best assured that it will remove all the minerals. However, for alkaline water purifier, it adds electrolyte that helps in hydrating your body and adds important mineral to your body. With an alkaline water purifier, you can be best assured of a healthy glass of water with all required minerals.

3. Reverse osmosis wastes a lot of water: The more amount of water a RO water purifier pushes through the system, the more back pressure is generated which leads to wastage of water. Due to this pressure, the RO needs to apply to remove all the dissolved solids; a huge amount of water is wasted. A good amount of wastewater is created that removes all the particles from water.  On the other hand, an alkaline water purifier can be made with a countertop filter that not only adds minerals to the water but also does not waste any water like RO water purifier technologies.

4. In terms of size the RO water purifier is huge: An alkaline water purifier is small enough and fits well in your kitchen. The capacity is small compared to the RO water purifier and holds less amount of water. The price is more economical if you are going for alkaline water. It adds more value in terms of looks and economy than the RO water purifier.

5. RO water purifier makes the water acidic: If you bring home an RO water purifier, you will drink acidic water. Your body already has a lot of acids, and RO will add to it. However, an alkaline water purifier will add Alkaline and maintain the pH balance in your body. It will balance the acidic content in your body and makes you healthy and energetic.

Wrapping up

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