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Posted by Goudy on December 29th, 2020

"Learn as if you were to live forever"- says Mahatma Gandhi. A human brain penetrates 10% of what it reads, 20% of what it hears and 90% is what it stimulates. VR technology has taken that advantage and has undoubtedly brought a lot on the table concerning education. Using VR in education is constantly evolving over the past years. It is pushing the boundaries of what we understand about the world before us. And also, it has covered various milestones to reach where it is today.

Lets take a stop at what made this tech what it is today and what we should expect in the coming years from using VR in education.


It was in 1957 the technology first came into existence. VR was invented by Morton Heilig, a pioneer in virtual reality and filmmaker. He built this game called - Sensorama over the VR technology. It was a bike riding game that made the player experiencing the wind and breeze of their face, the vibration of a motorcycle, 3D view of the street and even the smells of the city. This was the very first milestone in the field of Virtual reality technology. No one knew at that time what wander it would do after Using VR in Education.

Virtual technology has been used in different industries over these past years in the field of entertainment, military to education. VR has been making immersive breaking news since then.


This period has its own share of success and gain, the idea of VR grew tremendously and is breaking ground in the common understanding of technology. A lot of companies have taken upon themselves the initiative to use VR in education.

Not just that the virtuality group realized a number of series of video games and arcade games into educational lectures that give the players arcade games on google immersive games in real-time. It has gained a lot of popularity in the educational sector due to its various advantages including-

One of the most obvious benefits of using VR in education is visualization. Its use of 3D tools, visuals, animations, and sound make biology, anatomy, mathematics much more interesting and fun.

Be it kindergarten to higher education, using virtual reality in education helps students at all age groups to learn abstract concepts in a 3D environment which makes it easier to understand and retain. Virtual reality has taken over the latest technology spectrum to educate tomorrow's technological elite.

Not just that education has taken a gradual shift from books, blackboards, and pens to interactive technologies by using VR in education. Wars are turned into 3D virtual war; the human body is not so boring with visuals and animations to make it interesting. The solar system and the planets are learned through a tour of the galaxy

The conventional mode of teaching by bookish language, reading out in the class and cramming up the lectures have been taken over by the modern VR classes enabling teachers to have one to one connection with its students.

Using VR in education enables the use of visual and creative tools to make learning a fun experience.

Also students tend to participate and learn by doing and . Instead of just taking notes and listening through the boring lectures.

International students no longer have to face the problem of language. Using VR in education enables the implementation of any language into visual and graphics making them learn fast and adapt.

Using VR technology in education has become a new boosting factor to create enriching content. Education curriculum, shift to VR education and simulation, got enhanced, thanks to VR. The habitual role of a teacher is gaining more value.

Using VR in education leads to Immediate feedback from each student. This feature enables the teacher to monitor their progress and study their performance with details on every aspect.

VR Mysticraft is one of the best online virtual arcade games for android reality platforms for immersive learning among children, enabling them to create, play VR games and view VR content as well. It advocates within itself the classroom intricacies and believes in making learning a fun and amazing experience. It aids in using VR in education by bringing game-changing technology and vivid experiences to the classrooms to enhance learning among young minds.


So, the next question arises- where are we heading towards? With the entry of billion-dollar tech companies and its various applications, we can bet that the technology is here to stay for generations. Using VR in education is advancing at a great pace. Augmented reality and Virtual reality also provide a future gateway for full VR adoption in the educational sector.

Evolution Of Video Games

A lot has changed since they had been introduced to the public. Systems were simple with games intended to amuse and occupy the mind of a kid. The video game systems of today are developed for everyone of all ages and do more than entertain. They teach, engage and keep an individual busy for hours. They have been taken by the changes in game systems to a tool which are available in virtually every home from a toy. Among the first game systems to come available on the market was the Atari. This system was simple. It featured a joystick type controller and the games had minimal graphics and sound.

There were also a fairly limited group of games for the system. It had been designed primarily for kids and teenagers and adults didn't usually play with the Atari. Station got introducing their platforms. Nintendo quickly became a familiar name with its game system that enhanced upon the Atari with improved graphics, more choices in games and addition gaming gear to make the games more exciting and attractive for teenagers and adults. PlayStation did the same. This was the initial step towards the video game systems we've today. Video games systems have evolved since that Atari system. Today there are extreme games available on the market.

Game systems have gun mode controls, controls, sports kind controls alongside special controllers that allow people and all sorts of games to play with. Video games today include sports, racing, physical fitness, roleplaying and typical arcade style games. Besides the game systems being more advanced and using advanced technology, the games have changed. They feature. They sound a real-life kind encounter is provided by them. It as you play among today's modern video games, if you're directing people that are real. This is just one of the major changes which has really obtained video games to a brand new level.

Another major change was the introduction of the Wii by Nintendo. With the introduction of the Wii, video gaming changed forever. This game system is a arcade games queen street very advanced video game that involves the player. No longer does playing a video own game means sitting on your bum in front of the television. With the Wii system you're up and moving. Many adults use the Wii Fit system to exercise. Video games programs have really taken off and you may find some kind of video game system in virtually all homes in America. There are tournaments where individuals play video gamers for money. Adults, teenagers and kids all play video games today. Systems are utilized for a number of reasons, from playing for amusement to playing for physical fitness to playing for money.

Now there are now more than thousands video games availble in every platforms and day by day games are increasing. Now in 2019 there are most played game which is PUBG, Frontnite and COD. which is also available on smartphone devices. because many big game devloping companies starting to also move on smartphone gaming industries and there are many android games which is more popular than PUBG mobile which is disc carrom pool mod game. sooner or later PUBG mobile will overtake the smartphone gaming industries.

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