A budget trip to Naxos Island

Posted by kimporter on June 9th, 2014

A vacation in a foreign country can often be an expensive affair. If you can afford it, then go ahead and splurge and indulge in the sights and sounds of high class living. But if you are on a budget and do not have much room for excess spending, then you have to plan meticulously to manage your finances without of course cutting short the fun elements. Naxos Island in Greece is an attractive tourist spot. However booking a Naxos hotel, renting a car, eating in restaurants, water sports and other activities can hurt your finances. But let your worries at rest because there are a number of ways you can save excess spending.

Planning: you cannot afford to be reckless. So plan ahead and look up for the best deals offered by hotels or restaurants. Collect coupons and discount passes for your favourite activities. Avoid peak season when it is crowded in Naxos Island. You are likely to get more discounts during lean season.

Sharing: Sharing a room or sharing food at restaurants always brings down expenses. Invite friends or family to join you in your trip. You may get group discounts in Naxos hotel. The best way to travel around Naxos Island is in a rental car and you can share the expense. Look for apartments or beach-front condos that can accommodate 10 to 12 people. This often proves to be more economical than booking a regular hotel. These apartments have fully equipped kitchen and you can cook occasional meals. This not only saves you money but you get to spend quality family time as well.

Budget options: Naxos Island has many inns and budget hotels which are decent and comfortable. Look up different websites for the best possible option. Read a few reviews about the quality, safety, and cleanliness of the budget Naxos hotel you have chosen. Always opt for the bed and breakfast option because most of these hotels or inns offer fresh complimentary breakfast. A heavy breakfast mostly amounts to a light lunch. The location of your inn is important. Make sure you do not have to commute a lot to reach the important destinations. If you are interested in the Venetian castle but have to travel miles to visit it, you will end up spending more on transportation.

Local flavour: if you cannot afford the inns, the home stays in the villages are a great option. You can use the opportunity to taste local cuisine and learn about the people and the culture. Instead of a regular Naxos hotel, you can stay with a local family for a few days, enjoy farm fresh food and take pleasure in the lap of nature.

Money cannot buy you experiences. Money cannot gift you memories. A gorgeous sunset in a pristine beach or the joy of picking a fruit and biting into its freshness are not things money can buy you. Naxos Island is a storehouse of such wonderful experiences. Be it a luxurious Naxos hotel or an ordinary inn, you will take with you a part of Greece forever.

Research on an economical Naxos hotel. Plan a budget trip to Naxos island.

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