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Posted by elitekhandental on June 9th, 2014

Elite Khan Dentist Cheshire is probably one of the best known Private Dentists Cheshire has. Owned and run by Dr Khalid Khan, with twenty five years’ experience of not just general dentistry but cosmetic dentistry too, Dr Khan has gained himself an amazing reputation amongst clients past and present. Not only does he have a huge clientele of regulars seeking the very best in oral health care, but he’s also built himself quite the reputation amongst celebrities. With a huge celebrity client list ranging from actors such as the cast of Holly oaks, to glamour model Danielle Lloyd, footballer John Barnes and Olympic Athlete Katarina Johnson-Thompson, it’s clear to see Elite Khan Dental isn’t just your regular dentist. And who would want to visit a regular dentist when they could see one of the best Dentists Cheshire has to offer, especially when needing serious restoration.

For many suffering tooth loss, the automatic assumption is made that dentures is the only option. Images of false teeth in a water glass on a bedside table spring to mind. But this really doesn’t have to be the way forward. Now with the help of Dr Khan at Elite Khan Dental, your beautiful smile can be restored to a more permanent state by using Dental Implants Cheshire. With dental implants it’s not only the tooth, but also the root that is completely replaced so your smile is quite literally restored from scratch.

After consultation with Dr Khan you’ll begin with your first procedure on route to that beautiful smile. Under local anaesthetic the implants will be inserted. This requires creating an incision into the gum, the two ‘flaps’ are pushed back to expose the bone. This is then drilled into to create the space necessary for the implant. The implant is a small titanium rod with a screw attachment, otherwise known as an abutment, at the end. Once this is placed and surrounded by thick healthy tissue, the two ‘flaps’ are then replaced back over it and you’ll be sent away to heal. Because it’s done under local anaesthetic, discomfort is minimal and any slight pain after surgery can be helped with over the counter painkillers.

Over the next three to six months, a biological process called osseointegration will take place; this is basically where the implant fusses with the bone creating a solid and permanent new root for your teeth to attach to. Once this has successfully occurred, you’ll be invited back for the final stage of the treatment. This incurs another procedure under local anaesthetic, all to minimise any discomfort for you. The implant, now attached and buried under your gums will be revealed, all being healthy and correct, your porcelain crowns are then screwed into place on the now permanently fixed metal rods.

Dental Implants Liverpool are a much stronger replacement for missing and broken teeth, and with 90% of all dental implants now lasting over 15 years it really does seem the obvious choice.

Khalid Khans is an owner of the website, For more information about Cosmetic Dentistry Cheshire Go To http://www.elitekhandental.co.uk

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