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Posted by wecanmedia on June 9th, 2014

Here at Wecan Media we’d like to take the time to explain a little bit about our capabilities within and around responsive web design and tell you just what it could do for your website. For those who aren’t familiar with the term, responsive web design is a method aimed at creating the best possible viewing experience, providing a fully functional, easily navigable site which adapts to any media device such as a PC, tablet and or phone screen. And at Wecan Media, our team of Web Designers Liverpool based specialise in exactly that.

Responsive web design isn’t necessarily intended as a replacement for mobile web design, merely another option, with its own pros and cons. Perhaps better suited to more content rich websites, it allows a familiar design and user experience to work across all platforms. For instance if someone were to stumble across your site on their mobile device, and then choose to check out your site further when they’re home on their PC they’ll find the same look and feel that they loved when reading on their mobile. This refers to the ‘scent trail’ that people often discuss when talking about conversion, and it’s that ‘scent trail’ that is often key when leading visitors to the all-important point of sale.

Another important factor to take into consideration, when thinking of responsive web design is the maintenance of it; whether that’s one, two or three different sites depending on what media devices you make yourself available on. However with responsive web design there’s only one code base that needs to be adjusted, altered, or updated saving not only time but resources here too at our Web Design Liverpool offices, so because it’s easier for us, that means it saves you money too.

When it comes to SEO, responsive web design has its pros and cons. With there being only one site, a responsively designed site will usually gain a better page ranking because whether it’s accessed via a smartphone or laptop, it’s all one site, therefore links are all directed to that one site as opposed to a mobile site and a separate tablet site etc. However it has been suggested that when it comes to keywords, it can have its limits, as keywords can sometimes be specifically mobile as opposed to all purpose. You wouldn’t necessary search the same keywords on your mobile as you would on your desktop.

All in all when it comes to responsive web design, it certainly has some serious benefits, and a public display of affection from Google is perhaps its biggest, with responsively designed sites apparently ranking higher. For more information, contact our Web Designers Manchester office where we show you exactly what we’re capable of.

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