How to Choose the Right Calculator?

Posted by LouisWillis on December 30th, 2020

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Nowadays, you might say that calculators have already rang, some people are used to using applications on a mobile phone or computer. Compared to them, the calculator has a number of indisputable advantages - it switches on immediately, you do not have to wait for the operating system to boot. It is quite durable and never disturbs you with incoming messages or calls. For many of us, a calculator or calculator is an indispensable helper and perhaps their right hand.

So how do you choose the right calculator?

It is definitely necessary to think about its purpose. We can find an inexhaustible amount on the market, from small pocket calculators with basic functions to scientific instruments that calculate complex equations for you, or, for example, desktop calculators with the possibility of printing suitable for accounting companies. What features will you use? How big should the buttons be? Will you have it on your desk or do you need to carry it? Do you want to be able to print from it, for example?

Calculator for school

Parents often choose the right calculator for their children for school. Much will depend on whether they attend primary, secondary or university. Elementary school students will only need a simple pocket calculator with basic functions. The advantage of such a calculator is that it has small dimensions, low weight and does not burden your wallet.

I definitely recommend the standard pocket calculator to those who often need to calculate something quickly and using a mobile application is inconvenient for them. These calculators usually have a dual power supply - a combination of solar and battery. Just remember that the calculator has a large and readable display. You can get an ordinary calculator in the order of several tens of crowns.

Calculator for high school

For high schools, it is advisable to choose a calculator with multiple functions such as calculating fractions, percentages, variations, combinations, hyperbolic functions, trigonometric and inverse trigonometric functions. Other possibilities can be calculations in radians, gradians and angular degrees, conversion from sixty to decimal and vice versa.

Graphical calculator

A graphical calculator is definitely needed by students of faculties with a technical, mathematical or economic focus. These calculators have a large and contrasting display. They have their own internal memory (some also have an SD card slot), thousands of integrated functions, they can often be connected to a computer via a USB cable, so you can download other applications or upgrade the operating system, for example. Graphing calculators offer most scientific calculations, statistics, matrices, derivatives and integrals. Furthermore, we can find a graph of a function, a dynamic graph, a dual graph (graph and table, graph and graph), a graph of statistical data, graphs of conic sections, bar graphs or pie graphs. Graphical calculators allow the analysis of individual graphs together with a table of values. Try Rref Calculator to solve matrix math.

Desktop calculator

Get a desktop calculator for your office or accounting department. It will definitely save you a lot of time and money - it has practical functions such as VAT calculation or conversion of several currencies. You will certainly appreciate the possibility of two-color printing. Special financial calculators help with calculations with the time value of money (TVM) such as loans, savings, leasing, mortgages. Based on their calculation, a depreciation table is generated. With the help of a financial calculator, you will evaluate the profitability of the investment and determine the profit, margin and surcharge.

There are an inexhaustible number of calculators on the market. Their price also varies considerably - from a few tens of crowns for ordinary pocket models to several thousand for programmable calculators. Last but not least, the brand will decide when choosing a new calculator. In this case, it is definitely worth reaching for proven brands, consult with experts, or view reviews from other customers.

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