Low cost translation services: Low in cost but not in quality

Posted by aimewolf on June 9th, 2014

Translation industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. Translation services are often very expensive to bear and can impact your budget, especially if your company is on a tight budget. Even when you are thinking in the lines of possible low cost translation services, you cannot afford to compromise on quality. Whether you are a part of a large multinational company or the owner of a small start up company, you cannot lose out on international clientele. Thus you have to engage a translation agency that will offer quality output at competitive costs.

There are many translation agencies that will readily produce quality work without burning a hole in your pockets. If you are a large company who has worked with a translation agency before, discuss with them your financial limitations and they are likely to design a low cost service for you based on goodwill and long-term relationship. If you are a small startup company with limited funds but big aspirations, do not lose hope. Give beginners a chance and engage new agencies who are yet to capture a market. These agencies will provide translation services at competitive rates to attract clients.

In the translation industry content is king. The longer and more complex a content, the more expensive it becomes to translate it. Try and keep your content short and simple. If you are in the advertising or marketing industry or you are promoting or launching a global product, think smart and innovate. Smart and short taglines often make a huge impact and are also pocket friendly. Look up a translation agency that is not only technical but also works with a creative bent of mind. You can also translate the summary or a gist of your document or a brochure and other reports. This will further cut down costs.

If you are looking to publish your work or product in different countries, see whether you can omit a country with a rare language or a rare language pair because linguists working on such projects will automatically charge more. Instead focus on other reaching out to clientele in countries with more common language pair. This will ensure quality translation services albeit a low cost one.

If you want to cut costs by prioritizing quantity over quality, you may incur long term losses. It is important that your documents be translated to absolute accuracy removing all chances of misinterpretation while dealing with a different country that have different sensibilities. It may cost you international market and affect your reputation. Instead analyze and find out ways to cut other costs so that you can employ a certified and specialized translation agency.

The easiest way to compare the cost of translation services is to ask for quotation from various translation agencies. You will immediately get an idea about the budget required to get your work done. Employ a translation agency that is ready to innovate and churn out ideas to give you quality work at best prices.

Engage a translation agency that produce and offer low cost translation services without compromising on quality.

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