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Posted by aimewolf on June 10th, 2014

Until recently translation industry was only limited to a few agencies and companies located in few places around the world. The onset of globalization has brought about a major shift in the scenario so much so that it is today one of the fastest growing service industries in the world. It contributes to bringing closer people, their cultures, and their languages under one global platform. The requirements range from business expansion, legal dealings, manuscript translation to patent translation etc. If you are looking for a translation agency that can fulfil your requirements, the first step would be to find out about the translation services offered by them.

A translation agency offers a number of services that are mostly technical in nature and thereby require specialized training and expertise in the concerned fields.

Business Translation: In a global era, countries look out for foreign investors and companies too want to expand their business in other countries. China for example is looking for investment opportunities in Latin American countries. Translation services such as document translation, legal translations, financial translations etc play a pivotal role in actualizing the business transactions.

Legal Translation: Legal translation is very technical and calls for in depth knowledge in legal matters for delivering accurate results. Such services as contract translation, license translation, annual report translation etc are the legal services provided by a translation agency. They engage qualified legal professionals or attorneys who also have a hold over the language.

Financial Translation: A translation agency often engages accountants and economists with strong financial background to conduct financial translations for banks, insurance companies, accounting firm and other financial companies. They are trained to translate such documents as bank statements, economic reports, insurance documents etc.

Medical Translation: With more and more hospitals opening branches in new countries, or non-profit organizations extending a helping hand to remote places in the world and taking up healthcare projects in distant places of Africa or Asia, medical translation is much in demand. One cannot compromise with healthcare and the translation services ensure that trained medical personnel, editor and reviewers are employed to come up with accurate translated reports.

Software translation: Also referred to as localizing software, the different software companies looking to reach out to an international clientele, appoint highly trained software translators to get their work done. A pivotal aspect of translation services in case of software translation are hiring of certified professionals.

Marketing and Advertising Translation: Communicating with a global clientele is imperative for any company. The translation companies help to bridge the gap by translating brochures and other ad materials to attract global audience. The same goes for your company website also which can reach the whole world through effective translation.

These are only some of the translation services provided by the agencies and with time the services are branching out to a number of other fields. A translation agency also caters to such demands as urgent document translation and other specific requests. They can customize their services to meet your needs. So when you plan to go global you know who to turn to get all your communications handled professionally. They are just a phone call or a click of the mouse away.

Different translation services are provided by a translation agency. Go through the websites to see how they can be of great help to you.

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