The Benefits of Cloud Computing for The Government

Posted by Keith Harrison on December 30th, 2020

In the present world, all businesses are trying to save capital by optimizing their use of technological advancements and digital media, and the government is no different than the rest. Government agencies have to minimize their expenses while protecting and updating the data.

Electronic government is implemented worldwide by both developed and developing states. Research suggests that e-government and government IT services have not only enhanced the effectiveness of public administration but also the implementation of good governance, like deducing administrative corruption, increasing transparency, improving civil service performance, improving service delivery, and enhancing government finance.

Cloud computing a technologically advanced model in which the computing resources in the system belong to the cloud providers. The government institute only uses the computing resources delivered by the service provider, which can be accessed through the internet. As the resources are charged according to a pay-per-use method, the agency does not have to take on the burden of any additional expenses.  

Here we have discussed some important benefits of cloud computing for government agencies.


Cloud computing provides government agencies with greater flexibility as opposed to the more conventional IT infrastructures. With cloud computing provided by government IT services, you don’t have to stress about the restricted resources, housing and buying hardware and servers, protecting data, or updating software.

Cloud makes it convenient to add and modify services without the trouble of removing or adding digital space. Such ease and flexibility are also useful in risk management techniques, which need more space and power but for a limited time.

Cost Savings

One of the greatest advantages of cloud computing is that it can save you a substantial amount of money. By implementing cloud computing whenever there is more space required, the expense of additional hardware and servers is eliminated, cutting down considerably on the overhead of the project.

Once you move the systems to the cloud, you don’t have to house heat-generating, hefty servers, lowering the amount of energy and money that you would be spending keeping those appliances cool and functional.

IT Staff Availability

Switching to cloud computing frees the IT staff to dedicate their time to other important projects as the cloud provider will take care of the updates and regular maintenance, as well as the security procedures and checks.


Cloud computing streamlines the collaborations between government institutes. Credentials and names can be assigned to the documents or data, and only those specified individuals can access the information. Apart from sharing documents and data, the cloud also enables the government contractors and employees to access information from anywhere around the globe, provided that they have internet access to reach the cloud.

Following the FedRAMP initiative, more and more government agencies are switching to cloud computing. This initiative makes sure that the government data and information is secured and well-protected while saving money, resources, and time through cloud technology.

It is time for government agencies to make the much-needed move and show the entire world that the cloud provides a secure and safe medium to compute.

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