What is the Best Software for Podcasters?

Posted by Barry Elvis on December 30th, 2020

If you’re a podcaster, you know how important good tech is for making your podcast the best it can be. With the right software arsenal, you can make the process of podcast creation much easier. Here are a few different softwares for podcasters that we recommend.


Staying organized is essential if you work with various different people on your podcast. Dropbox can help out with that. Dropbox lets you collaborate on documents, files, share notes, and much more. It’s an invaluable asset to any podcast team.


Any list of essential software for podcasters needs to include a great analytics tool and Backtracks is one of the best out there. With Backtracks, you can get tons of actionable data about how many people are listening, downloading, listening to their downloads, how long they’re listening, and much more. With data like this at your fingertips, you can get a better idea of how people are responding to your podcasts and how to create a better experience for your listener base.


Never miss another brainstorm meeting or guest interview with Calendy. Calendy makes it easy for you to set up events and remind people of appointments. The clean interface means you’ll never get confused about your schedule and book time that you don’t have. Plus, it makes things easier on your interviewees as well.


Zoom is one company that had a meteoric rise during the pandemic. Zoom lets you record interviews with your guests, do audio only, have video meetings, and tune in from a variety of devices. Meaning you can even interview someone on their phone while they’re sitting in an airport. Not ideal, but that kind of flexibility can’t be beat!


One of the most useful software for podcasters is Alitu. This podcast editor makes it easy for you to clean up your audio, combine audio tracks, and help you upload your perfectly edited podcast to your main podcast host.

There are plenty of great software for podcasters out there, and the better your software is, the better your podcast experience is, for you, your guests, and especially your listeners. Make sure to try plenty of recommended ones to find the best one for you! To know more about a software for podcasters, visit this website.

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