What are the design features of the awning?

Posted by aihw on December 30th, 2020

The awning is a kind of rainproof equipment, and some buildings will be subject to long-term rain forest to cause erosion of some buildings. It is said that awnings should be built in such susceptible areas to avoid erosion.

The design of the awning

The design of the awning is an essential part of a building, because it is the part that prevents the entrance of the building from being directly corroded by wind and rain. Whether this part of the design is reasonable enough is related to the design of the entire building. Therefore, the design of the building should be given high enough attention to the design of this part, so how exactly? Can this part be designed more reasonable?

Whether the design of the awning is reasonable, first of all, we know which aspects should be considered. Because of the role of this part, we should take into account that we should pay special attention to its durability when designing this part. The so-called durability is to ensure that it can be used for a longer time when exposed to the periphery of the building for a long time. This has a relatively large relationship with the environment in which it is located. If it is in an environment with relatively strong wind, it should be designed to be more complex and have stronger resistance to external forces.

There is another aspect. The choice of materials for the awning should be based on different priorities. Some people will focus on its light transmittance, because after all, adding this part at the entrance of the building will weaken the light. If you need to enhance the light, you should choose a material with better light transmittance. Or if the surrounding environment is relatively corrosive, a material with relatively strong corrosion resistance should be selected.

How to choose an awning

1. Prioritize performance

When choosing a French awning, performance is the priority. An easy-to-use French awning has a comprehensive external shading function, which can block ultraviolet radiation, reduce indoor temperature, reduce air conditioning load, and block the hot summer at the same time. The strong sunlight is reflected into the room in the form of diffused light, making the indoor light bright and not dazzling, and does not affect the view from the window outside the room, extending people's living space from indoor to outdoor, creating a new living space .

2. Choose fabric and workmanship

The workmanship and fabric of an easy-to-use French awning must not be ignored. The fabric color is recommended to be dark, so as to achieve better shading effect. The fabric should ensure that the size is fixed, not deformed, flat and smooth, and can be rolled freely, so that it will be more convenient and worry-free to use. The fabric must have sufficient tensile and tear strength to prevent the danger of being torn under severe weather conditions. The surface of the fabric should have a certain degree of anti-pollution performance, which is easy to clean and easier to maintain.

3. Look at the price/performance ratio

Nowadays, the choice of products depends on the cost performance, and the choice of French awnings is no exception. Some simple outdoor awnings may indeed be cheap, but compared with high-quality French awnings, there will be different gaps in product quality, production technology, and overall aesthetics and comfort. On the premise of meeting their own needs, through price screening, we can find a more cost-effective French awning.

When faced with the numerous and complicated French awning products on the market, consumers can compare the above points to find products that are more suitable for them. French awnings must not only consider good performance, but also have the characteristics of beauty and durability, and then choose more cost-effective products according to their own application environment, so that you can find a French awning that suits you.

What are the functions of outdoor awnings

1. Heat insulation and constant temperature function, the effect of awning constant temperature and heat insulation, people cannot do without air conditioner in hot summer, but because the sunlight is too strong and direct to the house, sometimes the air conditioner is always working and cannot reach the desired temperature. It is very necessary to install awnings, not only can effectively block the temperature of the sun, but also reduce the load on the air conditioner.

2. Beautiful decoration. Now many villas, bars, cafes and hotels are equipped with awnings, which not only have the effect of shading, but also bring beautification effects.

3. Rain protection.

4. Weather resistance.

5. Block the line of sight.

6. Anti-ultraviolet function, the external shading function of the sunshade can completely block ultraviolet radiation.

7. The harmonious unity of shading and daylighting, while shielding the hot summer, can reflect the strong sunlight into the room in the form of diffused light, so that the indoor light is bright and not dazzling, and does not affect the view from the room outside the window , Extending people's living space from indoor to outdoor, creating a new living space.

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