Full sized Coolers: A Few Maintenance Tips

Posted by webteam on June 10th, 2014

There is no doubt to one fact; full sized coolers are not luxuries, but necessities at present.  They allow you the freedom to store as many items as you want. However, proper maintenance is something you should avoid at any cost if you want your equipment to last long. You should also know how to clean a cooler the right way. If you are someone trying to gather information in the matter, you can follow the guidelines given below.

How to clean a cooler?

Keeping your refrigerator clean is the first step towards giving it a long life. It is true that this job is not that enjoyable. But, knowing how to do it right would protect your cooler from almost all the troubles.

  1. Take out everything that is stored in the cooler. Do not prepare an empty space to keep all the items.
  2. Dispose of all the unusable or old items stored therein. Do not hesitate to do it because negligence in the matter may prove disastrous. It is highly recommended that you should clean your cooler at least once in three months. Doing this would assist you in getting rid of things remaining forgotten at the back of the equipment.
  3. Take out all removable parts. Doing this would make cleaning fast and easy.
  4. Wash clean all the parts you have taken out in a sink. Wipe out the dirt and stains. You can make use of a sponge or a brush for the purpose. And, do not place back those parts before they are dried up completely. Using hot water on a cold glass too may prove fatal to the device you are washing.
  5. Done this, you can start cleaning the inside of the cooler. You can use any cleaning solution you want. But, it is recommended that you should refrain from using chemicals. This may contaminate the food items you are planning to store in it. The solutions like vinegar or apple cider would be great to get rid of stubborn stains or dirt.
  6. Clean the doors. Do not forget to clean the doors of the equipment when cleaning the inside.

With all the steps mentioned above completed, you can put back the shelves and start storing the food items again.

A few maintenance tips

You may be doing your best to keep your cooler up and running. But, checking it for damages at regular intervals is highly recommended.

  • Inspect the seals of the doors: This is something you should not forget to do from time to time. When the seals are loose, cool air goes out from the device forcing the machine to work harder. This results in energy wastage. You can do a dollar-bill test to detect this trouble. Try closing the cooler door with the dollar in between. If it simply slips away, you may need to repair the doors. The best option is to clean the door at least twice in a year, to make it free from food residues and other unwanted dirt.
  • Clean the coils: When the coils in the condenser get covered with dust, the machine would need to work hard to serve its purpose. Move the cooler from near the wall and clean the coil at least two times a year.

Full sized refrigerators offer you numerous advantages. But, maintaining them properly is a must-have if you wish to enjoy them. For more tips on coolers visit Cooler Store. Specialized in cooler selling, these ecommerce will help you find right solution when it comes to coolers and refrigerators http://www.cooler-store.com/

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