Six Exciting Trek Routes In Bhutan With Your Bhutan Tour Operator

Posted by Imran Jameel on December 30th, 2020

The self-willed policy of isolation has preserved nature in its pristine form and offers its visitors the unique opportunity to explore the mountain kingdom alongside the rich cultural heritage. The well-organized tourism sector of Bhutan stipulates all trekking activities of tourists to be arranged through an agent so as to eliminate any quite straying or destruction to nature or culture.

The Jhomolhari Trek

Medium-level trekking that begins from the Drugyel Dzong, takes you to the Jomolhari Mountain Trek that's the sacred abode of the protector goddess entrusted with the high responsibility of protecting the Bhutanese people. This path of Trekking in Bhutan will take you through two major passes: the Bhonte La pass and therefore the Takhung La Pass. The Jomolhari Mountain festival that varies in its timings is often an ideal complement to the alto relievo of the Kanchenjunga. You'll make it into either a brief three days trek or an elaborate eight to nine days trek.

Druk Path Trek

The Druk Path Trek is a fairly short trek path that is one of the foremost popular in Bhutan because it begins in Paro and ends within the adjacent Thimphu valley. Passing through the rich repertoire of the mountain flora and fauna, the very best point ascends to 4200 meters and offers a superb view of Mt. Gangkhar Puensum, the tallest peak of Bhutan that's forbidden to be scaled beyond 6000 meters.

The Snowman Trek

Though popular, yet it's also one of the foremost challenging paths while Trekking in Bhutan or for that matter any part of the planet. The long journey adds up to about twenty-five days, and therefore the trekkers are going to be traversing the range between Bhutan and Tibet beginning at Paro and ending within the northern extremity of Bhutan in Lunana. The trek is often challenging as there are few villages on the route and also helicopter evacuation isn't a sure shot. The simplest time to trek this untamed terrain is during autumn in October when the weather is obvious, and therefore the snow is yet to return.

Duer Hot Springs Trek

The challenge of this trek continues for about nine days and a part of the route overlaps thereupon the Snowman Trek route. The resting near the Duer spring makes the experience of trekking these pristine heights a desirable one. The route is lined with a spread of wildlife just like the Moschus moschiferus and also the Black Bear. The trek route takes you out of the hot springs through an equivalent path back to the destination camp.

Dagala Thousand Lakes Trek

Lasting for about six days, this trekking path passes through the locales of alpine trout fishing and also offers magnificent views of Everest and therefore the Kanchenjunga peaks. Though The highest point of Dagala Thousand Lakes Trek is 4500 meters, the challenge lies within the sharp ascent and therefore the descent that's posed by the intervening ridges that span over 1000 meters. However, the trek route is a particularly fulfilling one because it passes through the normal villages and also passes by the yak herders camping within the Himalayas.

Bumthang Owl Trek

The short and crisp three-day trek route will assist you to get the texture of the cultural heritage of Bhutan alongside the splendor of the mountain challenges. The simplest time to trek this route is in April and should be when the bamboo forests and therefore the Rhododendrons are in bloom alongside a number of birds making the forest their home. Beginning near a standard village Dhur, the descent path will take you through several monasteries including the famous Chuedak monastery.

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