5 easy steps to improve your security guard

Posted by LauraDerb on December 30th, 2020

When property managers hire security guards, they have a picture in mind of what their contractual protection force will look like, but all too often they don't get what is shown to them. What we have found is that most security companies can provide the service that property managers want, but too often not due to a lack of ongoing quality control procedures.

Security guard companies are unlike any other provider that hires a property manager. If you hire a painter, you can see if he is doing his job by looking at the walls. But when you hire a security guard company, how often can you see if the guard company is doing its job, which includes running background checks and drug screenings, providing good training to your guards, and monitoring and effectively supervise your guards? In most cases, they probably are, but it is important to implement a quality control and verification system to ensure that problems associated with failure to perform these jobs do not begin to occur.

In this article, we will discuss five (5) easy steps to improve your security guard and achieve what you envision as your ideal security guard strength.

Examine the qualifications of your guards

In many states, guards are mandated to have a specific education before they can begin working as security guards. If your state is one of these states, make sure your security guard company meets the Security guard companies.

If you are in a state where there are no government requirements for guard certification, research the type of training your security company offers and ask yourself if it works properly.

Also, does your security guard company conduct background and drug checks on all of your guards BEFORE they are dispatched to your property? If so, they should provide you with verifications. If not, why not?

Another great way to assess whether the guard is suitable for your property is to conduct a short "interview" to familiarize yourself with the guard and explain your expectations. This initial conversation can tell you a lot about what to expect on that shift and gives you the opportunity to request another shift if you feel the need.

Evaluate shift training

Although most security guard companies have a very comprehensive briefing that introduces each guard to the company itself, the guard briefing in many cases is not as comprehensive. We call the address of the assigned property "Site Specific Training". Find out what your site-specific training looks like:

• Is it on your property?
• Who do you train?
• How long is each new officer trained?
• How long does the security company double? (Dual banking is the process of getting a veteran guard to work at the same time as the new guard.)
• How fully are your mail orders explained?

Determine the answer to each of these questions and make sure they fit what you think is sufficient. You should even consider sitting through your security guard company briefing and site-specific training to understand what it takes to prepare a guard to work on your property.

Review your guard supervision

The vigilance of the guards is one of the most important factors for a good security guard. When security companies provide poor oversight, not enough emphasis is placed on preventing errors, problems, and complaints. Lack of supervision also eliminates the ability of guards to learn and better understand their duties. If the guards are not supervised, they begin to feel that their work is not important and they begin to see themselves as a lesser part of the security team. When guards don't feel like part of your team, it usually leads to unacceptable practices like unprofessional behavior, delays, and even theft.

Depending on the structure of your contract, supervisors may not be included on the site. If your contract does not require on-site supervision, how does your security guard company supervise its guards externally? Outside of the field surveillance spot control of the normal security company, the two methods of remote surveillance are proving to be the most successful:

1. Shift tracking systems for officers
2. Officer records

If your guards are going to make rounds on your property, a system to track them while they are on guard is crucial. Of course tracking systems

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