Key Result Areas of Estate Agents in the UK

Posted by alexedward on June 11th, 2014

When people need to rent, buy, or sell properties, the first people that they consult are estate agents. Before renting or selling any property, a good estate agent will first carefully assess the value of the property. There are some very good estate agents in York that are offering impeccable service to all their customers. These estate agents understand the realty market very well and produce some good options to buyers.

The estate agent must have all the information about property location so that they can efficiently market to people who may be interested in either buying or renting. Usually, estate agents negotiate with buyers on behalf of owners who want to rent or sell their properties

Estate agents frequently interact with Surveyors, Solicitors, banks, building societies, and mortgage brokers while conducting transactions on their clients' behalf.  There are several characteristics that you need to check in a real estate agent. One of the most important characteristic is honesty. You need to understand that there can be no certificate the will certify that an agent is honest. It is purely your judgment that will ascertain whether the real estate agent is honest or not. 

To perform the duties and responsibilities of the estate agent, there is no need of any formal education.  However, studies in business, engineering, surveying or estate management can be of great help for the people involved in the role of estate agents. Those individuals who have previous experience in administration or sales can easily pick up the role of a real estate agent. 

There are a number of services performed by the estate agents in Heworth. After the survey of the entire property, the estate agent will determine the cost of the property with your advice and consultation. Usually, the price of the property is determined by keeping in mind the assets of the property and by comparing it with other similar properties. The price fixed must also be competitive so that the buyers are not hesitant to put in an offer while buying the property.  

The Estate Agents in York is also responsible for the publicizing and marketing of your property. This includes the literature and the photography of your home that accompanies the advertisement. The usual methods of publicizing a property are newspaper articles, window sale boards, and internet marketing.

The estate agent at Clifton should also manage the viewings of the property. This task includes organizing the appointments with buyers at suitable times. The times that viewers are available can often be inconvenient, so the estate agents have to be prepared to give up their occasional evening to allow potential buyers visit your home.

The role of estate agents includes handling property auctioning, arranging maintenance of properties, show properties available to the buyers, create reports about the sales.

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