Slogging through the Animal Crossing Items

Posted by limmzhou on December 31st, 2020

I see a lot of articles in here about HOW to affix, but knowledge (or lack thereof) is not the strain here. It is more about slogging through the Animal Crossing Items inventory screens and moving back and forth, upslotting and perfecting fodder. It's a pain for me.

It is a tedious time-consuming mechanic to pad out the length of a game that's already lacking in content that is fresh. If anybody picked up due to their fond memories of this first PSO, I'd advise that you ditch and only start looking into Ephinea, that is a privately run free server for an upgraded variant of PSO Blue Burst, which is also free. Actually free, not this bull shit"free to play, however pay to have pleasure" which you get in the next match.

Listen I love the first PSO and place thousands of hours into it but it wasn't exactly heavy on material either and it had its own time-eating mechanics such as sphering and absolutely abysmal fall rates (I don't know if you ever played on the Sega servers however they were really bad).

If you're not interested in then what exactly are you even doing this?

I must've been angry about cheap Animal Crossing Bells something and wanted to express myself in an anonymous forum instead of lashing out in the people around me. I play both, really, I just think there is a difference between games that are grind hefty, and games which are using 4 distinct random micro currencies.

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