Application of Leaf Springs for Heavier Vehicles

Posted by sonicoleafprings on December 31st, 2020

Leaf spring is a simple form of spring commonly used for the suspension in heavier vehicle. They offer a huge amount of support between the wheels, axles and the vehicles chassis, making them ideal at dispensing weight well over a big place. Leaf spring plays a significant role in the suspension scheme but it is not just a suspension element but a robust linkage between the axle and frame. It can take both vertical load as well as transversal forces.

Better Shock Absorption- It’s crucial to keep suspension system well-maintained because it’s the key to getting better shock absorption for the heavy load carrying vehicles. These vehicle are meant to bear heavy loads so, must have a rear suspension system strong enough to bear these heavy loads. Leaf springs are perfect for where the need to support greater weights is essential.

Improved Comfort- Even on bumpy surfaces leaf springs helps to provide comfort to the driver by minimizing the vertical vibration caused by the non-uniformity of road hence puts less strain on driver even during long-distance driving.

Better Fuel Economy - If the necessary steps are undertaken to maintain the quality and function of suspension better fuel efficiency can be achieved.

Cost-Efficient- The suspension system is also essential in minimizing the level of wear and tear experienced by the vehicle. It won’t be surprising if you’ll find that your truck’s wheels, pedals, braking systems, bearings, and more, will still remain in good condition after prolonged use.

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