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Posted by alisonreid29 on June 11th, 2014

Even though MP4s are the most used video formats, they are commonly found in Macs and other portable devices such as phones and iPods. They are more prone to getting easily corrupted or even destroyed by viruses. Similarly, not everyone is comfortable while working with files in MP4 as they are when working with files in AVI or WMV formats. However, knowing how to convert a file from MP4 to AVI or any other preferred format will give you the ability to work with most files in the formats you are comfortable in. Takeclip.com is an online media converter that gives you access to almost every existing file format raging from audio formats to video formats and you can easily convert your video files in Mp4 to AVI or WMV without a hassle.

At TakeClip, the conversion process is the easiest and most accessible one you can ever get in any online converter application. When you want to convert video to WMV, all you have to do is paste the media URL at the space in the site. You then select the format you want and hit convert. The video will be converted in a matter of seconds depending on its size and the speed of internet connection you have. This is a very effective conversion tool and the best thing about it is that it is free.

Other than the free version, consider going for the premium version which gives you unlimited access to a whole lots of different supported services. Other than converting MP4 to AVI you can also convert YouTube videos easily to your required file format. This is helpful especially when your internet connection speed is not allowing you to load the file format fast. This online media converter will prove very essential since it will give you the chance to upload your video files or provide links to other online videos. This way, you will be in a better position to convert video to WMV in your computer or portable device as well as convert other videos in other sites easily online. This online converter is optimized for high quality video conversions thus you will never receive a poor quality video anytime you use it.

Anytime you are searching for the best video converting solution, don’t look any further than Takeclip.com since this is the most effective, fastest and most accurate video converting site. Get the freedom and diversity you need anytime you are working with video files. Converting mp4 to AVI video formats through takeclip.com gives you the options to try out your prowess while using different PCs. Similarly, you don’t have to keep on downloading too many video players anytime you want to watch a movie but the codec of the video is not supported. Quickly convert it to the supported AVI or WMV format with this hassle free online converter and get to watch it in your most preferred video player. Takeclip supports almost every video format thus you don’t have to worry about your video file being supported.

The best way to convert video to wmv or converting MP4 to AVI, your easy tool from Takeclip.

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