Ideas for Engaging Students on Online Distance Learning

Posted by Hope James on December 31st, 2020

Attending online classes is a new experience for many adults. Even students with the best intention get distracted during virtual sessions. To engage them, instructors need to devote their time and come up with new ideas. Implement these strategies highlighted below, and anticipate all the hurdles faced by scholars during online distance learning.

Implement these strategies to engage scholars

Online training for instructors

Many subject matter experts or instructors aren’t trained properly for virtual learning. You can’t deploy one person from traditional learning to switch themselves to online platforms. Syllabus covering, content delivery, and other things need to be specifically designed for online learning. Online learning requires a new skill set; hence, the instructor has to prepare themselves accordingly. Camera facing and other technical functions must be honed. They must encourage students to interact with each other during virtual classroom sessions.

Gamify with Badges and Certificates

Incorporate gamification elements to distance elearning without making it a complete game. Add badges to your course, recognizing students’ accomplishments. They are rewarded based on a good performance and continued engagement of a student. As an online learning developer, you can add certificates to boost students’ motivation.

Course navigation video

A kind of explainer video, course navigation video walks students through functionalities about the course operation. It includes the technical hows to access important documents, their submission, and others. It helps minimize the confusion for students for an online course and helps them feel more personal. This practice will instill confidence in students’ minds using the course platform and give them additional encouragement.

Develop a narration based course

As an e-learning content developer, emphasize on creating narration based course. Stories tap into the emotions as it helps us remember relevant information effectively. You may assign stories or case studies, having students watch someone telling a story about applying a principle in real life. You can use it to illustrate the impact of what they’re learning.

 Regular update of content

Regular update is required everywhere. If you are continuing with the outdated syllabus, students won’t find it interesting. The course you deliver in 2021 shouldn’t be the same as you delivered in 2020. Make some changes and compile the information from various sources like:

  • Newspapers
  • Opinions
  • Articles, videos, and others
  • Emerging trends
  • Journals and research on the internet

Don’t try to deliver the stale course content, make sure that it is timely and current, and be more likely to pique student interest.

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