Assimilation Of AI Into HR Result In An Intelligent Enterprise

Posted by Recruitment Smart on December 31st, 2020

Assimilation Of AI Into HR Result In An Intelligent Enterprise


AI, foreseen as a trailblazer in the IT landscape, is the next best thing that will change the dynamics of the way the business processes run, and the way data analyzed and processed. The disruption caused by AI and Recruitment  has given rise to new business process models, reinventing business practices like never seen before. HR, among all the business verticals, has become the most sought-after breeding ground for AI adoption. The assimilation of AI into HR result in an intelligent enterprise, built on an integrated framework which caters for automation of repetitive task and enables the workers to engage in a more challenging and creative task.


Recruitment Smart, a startup primarily focused on bringing disruptive technologies to the recruitment industry has leveraged the capabilities of AI to enhance the talent acquisition process. The sourced data of candidates is the bedrock of machine learning algorithms, which drive the development of a predictive model, used to analyze past data and predict future outcomes. This statistical model eventually becomes the backbone around which budgeting, recruitment, and retention strategies are formulated.

The predictive analytics and reporting capability of AI is another capability that has reinvented HR practices. The predictive analytics qualify the leads and ascertain the effectiveness of the marketing campaigns, printing a clear picture of the resource allocation requirement based on the lead’s response. The Learning and Development arm of HR has accrued the benefits of the predictive analytics capabilities of algorithms to customize the training activities in sync with the demand for the latest technologies, making the employees relevant and ready for future projects.

Recruitment Smart AI fosters fair evaluation system practice by removing biases from the recruitment process. The integration of AI in application evaluation during the hiring process provides an unbiased perspective, devoid of any human emotions as the judgment is based upon the data sets borne out of real-time data machine learning algorithms. Machine Learning and AI offer a solution to old problems in a new way. Apart from having the potential to help individuals become more agile, curious, and nimble, AI can enhance human collaboration and elevate cognitive diversity with the groups. AI-powered processes are redefining the way HR interacts with the applicants. Apart from enhancing efficiency, it streamlines and standardizes the HR process.


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