A Digital Revolution from the Home of Sony is Here

Posted by stewertjohn5 on June 12th, 2014

In the electronics world, Sony is a gigantic name with a lot of fan following. Sony has never disappointed it fans and has always delivered what it has promised. Today, Sony has gained popularity in the digital camera segment, laptop segment and the mobile phone segment. Some smartphones from Sony have cameras that have also thwarted digital cameras in the market.

Sony digital cameras have always caught the attention of photography lovers. In the mid-price range, you will find that Sony Cyber-shot took the market like a storm. These digital cameras from Sony are compact, light weight and also fit the budget of the common man. For people who don’t know anything about photography, Sony’s Cyber-shot is the best. Why?  Well, there are so many simple features that even a child can operate this digital camera. There is an easy shot mode in all Sony digital cameras that can be used for novices in photography.

In the laptop segment, Sony’s Vaio series has gained leading positions in a very short span of time. This brand has also used leading film personalities to promote the latest features and benefits from the Vaio series of laptops. You don’t have to visit the local laptop store to Buy Sony Vaio S series laptops because there are many online stores that are selling Vaio series laptops at competitive rates. When you check out a good online store for the purchase of Vaio laptops, you will have to keep an eye on the delivery charges. Due to the high cost of the Vaio laptops, you may find that most online stores offer free delivery.

In addition to digcams and laptops, Sony has scaled new heights in the mobile phone segment as well. There are several models of mobile phones that Sony has poured in the market in the last few months. These mobile phones are targeted towards the middle class users to the high class users. There are a plethora of features that makes Sony mobile phones a leading name in the mobile phone segment. The camera and the display features are the main USPs of the Sony mobile phones. When a Sony Mobile Phone is launched in the market, there is a huge buzz around, which leads to word-of-mouth publicity. Due to this type of publicity, Sony has gained a lot of goodwill in the market.

The flagship phone from Sony is considered to be the Xperia series phones. The latest entrant in this category is the Xperia Z2. The large screen size coupled with near to real life images gives the Xperia Z2 a cutting edge over its competitors. There are many China phone manufactures that have tried to emulate the Sony Xperia phone, but in vain. The features and display quality is no match for the competitors. Some competitors have also lost the battle and discontinued their existing phones that were in the segment of Xperia. Sony is a brand and also considered to be a status symbol. Paying a bit more for this high quality and high brand value phone is definitely a good decision.

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