What's so great about North America?.

Posted by ei2Aevai on December 31st, 2020

What's so great about North America?

Follow the heartbeat of North America through a series of tall forests, rolling fields, vast deserts, bustling metropolises, and wonderful oases. So whether you're planning to dive into the exciting whirlwind of New York City or hike the steep slopes of the Great White North, North America is a continent whose limitless menu of activities and sights allows you to gauge your itinerary to any level. adventure of your choice.

If you're wondering what itinerary means, it's just another term for your detailed outline of your future plans, which is your travel plans in this case. So if you are planning to venture out on a Canadian nature walk or explore ancient rites at the mysterious Mayan and Aztec ruins in Mexico, I certainly assure you that you will leave with memories and stories that you can definitely share with your friends and family. .

One of the best cuisines in North America: California pizzas อเมริกาเหนือน่าเที่ยว

One of the best cuisines in North America is California pizzas. This is because California pizzas are quite different from classic Italian pizzas. You could say that 'California pizza' is a modern concept and can be reduced to a more demanding and more 'gourmet' version of a New York-style cake, with non-traditional toppings such as artichokes, Mexican meat. Asada 'or Thai spices, so pretty Californian style.

In any case, a good place for a gratifying slice of casual pizza is Oakland's Pizziaolo, run by Chez Panisse, who became famous for his delicious pizzas a few years ago with cakes that stole the scene, then tried to deflect it by downplaying the pizza and promotion of other slow cooker dishes. Simply put, it is real pizza and it is definitely good food. So if you're planning to take your North American vacation, be sure to stop by California and try their pizzas!

The Great Lakes of North America

There are many great places in the world and one of them is the shores of the Great Lakes in North America. This particular lake stretches a little over 10,000 (16,000 km), touching around eight states in North America and Ontario in Canada as well. The shores of these great industrial lakes are an excellent place for the transport of goods and trade. It was basically the main route used by the early explorers of North America, and it was clearly one of the main reasons for the great industrial growth of the Midwest during the 19th and 20th centuries.

Today, however, 200 million tons are transported a year using this particular waterway. As you may already know, the main cargoes include iron ore (and other mined products), iron and steel, agriculture, and manufactured goods. In which case, cargo ships are often assisted by the system of canals and locks built between the lakes and rivers of the Great Lakes Basin.

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