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Posted by webteam on June 13th, 2014

As you know, the right kinds of apparel are a must if you wish to get the most out of any game or competition. You would also be aware of the role running shoes play in ensuring utmost comfort and protection from injuries a runner can have. An informed decision on what to choose when shopping for running shoes requires that you have an idea of your options in the field. The following brief overview would definitely be of great advantage in the matter.

Three types for three kinds of feet

Running shoes fall into three main categories based on the type of feet of the runner.

  • Over pronator: People belonging to this group should go for motion control shoes. These types of footwear provide medium support to your feet. This way, the rate of pronation becomes low. People with flat feet fall into this group. Here, the weight of their body travels from the heels up to their feet. This leads to excessive rotation inwards. Motion control shoes prevent this rotation by offering a rigid platform for your feet.
  • Neutral Pronator: Stability footwear is highly recommended for those who have moderate pronation. This type integrates both the cushioning and support features into its construction. This nature is considered to be normal. When you run, your bodyweight travels along your foot rolling inward and leaves through the toe. And, stability footwear enhances your performance.
  • Supinator: People who have this type of feet are always advised to go for cushion shoes. This allows you to stay safe from shocks. Their feet do not rotate at all. And, the bodyweight travels from the heels along to the toes. The lack of rotation creates trouble for the joints. The cushion absorbs this shock.

Categorization based on functioning


Functioning too plays a vital role in determining the type of running shoes one can have. Given below are some of your options in the field.

  • Lightweight shoes: These are ideal for people who take part in the events like marathons. Responsive, supportive and stable, they allow you to feel light when running long distances.
  • Racing shoes: Ideal for short-distance racing, these are extremely lightweight with minimum cushioning and stability. You may come across people capable of covering long distances with these light shoes.
  • Natural Motion Shoes: Are you someone who wants to have the feeling of running barefoot when exercising? If yes, this is the best pair for you. These types of footwear allow the natural movement of muscles and joints. They also encourage mid-foot strike. You are offered several options here; those with minimum cushioning and minimum support and the ones which act like just gloves for your feet.
  • Trail Shoes: Designed for off-road trails, these offer maximum support and longevity. They save you from injuries when running on wet or dirt-filled paths.
  • Spikes: Spikes fall into two categories; cross country spikes and track spikes. The former are designed in such a way as to offer maximum comfort when running on grass or snow-filled path. They feature minimum cushioning. This is just a brief outline. Do your own research and go for footwear designed for you.

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