Socrates Vasiliades: Taxing All His Strength to Meet High-grade Ore Demands

Posted by joseph george on January 1st, 2021

Several industries are relying on the supply of iron ore to meet their demands. Most of the demands come from steelmakers who need high-grade products to fabricate goods for a wide range of applications. However, there’s a clear lack of good supply of high-grade raw material. Buyers who depend more on processed ores like magnetite and hematite (two types of iron ores) look for mining industries to help them meet their demands.
While hematite is higher-grade ore, magnetite is low grade but available in large deposits. However, magnetite ores are used to produce very high-grade products.
Socrates Vasiliades, having about three decades of experience in mining and metal industry, is successfully managing his business running under the banner Avima Iron Ore. Under this leadership, the mining company has successful ties with several leading industrialists across the globe for large quantities of steel and bulk raw materials. Through his extensive product knowledge in iron ore and metallurgical commodities, he strives to emerge as the leading supplier of high-grade products and raw material to meet rising industrial demands. Socrates Vasiliades taxes all his strength to ensure the industry has the best grade ore or raw material to meet their production needs.
The Value of Grade
Those not in the mining game may not know much about the grades or realize its value. To producers which rely on the supply of quality ore and raw material understand that it is the key to their business and profitability.
Iron ore mining is a low margin business, but gets demands in high volume. Also, it is capital intensive process and also requires enough investment in infrastructure. So, producers also feel that they should get good returns. This in turn depends on grade and demand. While the lower grade products are sold for big discounts, higher grade ores come expensive. It’s not just ore that can be used for construction and metal industries, but buyers have to also invest on processing to make high-quality iron and then use the metal for fabricating a variety of products. Thus cost goes high.
Socrates Vasiliades is taxing the low-grade suppliers of the industry with his high-grade products at a reasonable cost. As a philanthropist, he believes in giving back to the community and helps businesses grow. It’s his humble ways and ethical business practices that have helped him establish a good relationship with the Governments of the Central African Nations.

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