Single Sign On Software is the best Option to keep your Accounts Safe

Posted by arun on June 13th, 2014

Are you worried about the safety of your password? Confused with a whole lot of different user names and passwords? Well, your solution is Single Sign On, or SSO. The Single Sign On Software has benefited much more than you even thought of. It accesses control over a number independent and related software systems to log in just once and gain access to all the different systems. As such, you will not have to log into each and every system. The Lightweight Directory Access Protocol, or LDAP, is used to make this possible, and it stored the LDAP databases on servers. This is similar to the use of cookies, but that requires every site to be on the same server.

The heart bleeds bug has become the biggest security threat over the internet these days. It has already affected 500,000 websites, 17% of the SSL servers, and 50 million Android devices. The hackers are able to access the user ids, passwords, and details of even corporate websites. SO, what is the solution for this? Well, the Single Sign On Solution ensures that you do not need to type in your credentials at any other software system after logging in. You will not have to share them with any web applications. So, they are safe. One Time Passwords, or OTP, via SMS text messages, and 2 factor authorization, or 2FA, help you ensure that your private details will not be used maliciously.

Advantages of Single Sign On Software:

  1. It is a desktop SSO, which can be integrated with windows. After connecting to the workstation, no browser login will be required.
  2. There are over 1500 OOTB connectors to connect to the popular cloud and on-premise web applications.
  3. Supports multiple authorization and multi-factor authentication scheme.
  4. Simple wizards to on-board new applications.
  5. Integrates tightly with IAM products from Oracle, IBM, NetIQ, CA.
  6. Offers SSO experience seamlessly from any device. The BYOD scheme is supported.
  7. All the events are audited and reported effectively.
  8. Offers cloud, on-premise, or hybrid deployment options.
  9. Quick federation to SAML based apps.

10.  You no longer need to worry about losing passwords, remembering multiple passwords, or lockouts.

You must have heard about a number of websites getting hacked. But, this would not have been possible if Single Sign On Solution was enabled. If a password is encrypted using the products of single sign on then it is definite that your account is more and more secured. In addition to this, the multifactor authentication scheme adds another layer of security to your accounts. Another advantage is that you no longer need to worry about losing passwords, remembering multiple passwords, or lockouts. It also offers the sign-off option to log out of all your accounts at the same time.