What are the benefits of using a CCTV drain inspection system?

Posted by LauraDerb on January 1st, 2021

Closed circuit television or CCTV, drain inspection is an advanced method of inspecting pipes and drains without having to dig them up. The technology presents a high quality image that can be recorded in the same way as domestic video devices. This can be used to identify faults in a drain or build up of sludge, dirt or grime that requires cleaning. The oil and gas industry is heavy users of this technology for cleaning pipelines and drains.

Traditionally, the work of assessing the condition of the interior of pipes and drains has never been easy. It has also been a difficult task in the past to find the current point of a blockage in a pipe or drain. Today, the latest CCTV drain inspection technology systems make it possible to see all the nooks and crannies of a pipe or drain, including all places where dirt and grime builds up and is blocked.

Having this level of high quality technology at hand makes it possible to make decisions about the best possible information; the direct proof if you like it, rather than a best guess of what to do. It also allows cleaning to happen only where it is needed, rather than just cleaning the entire system in the hopes that the bad bits will also be cleaned out. This makes it a more cost effective tool that saves a business time as well as Drain Inspection Toronto.

CCTV drain inspection camera systems can come with light heads to illuminate the road, tractors to drive the cameras, controllers to guide the system together and pan and tilt camera heads to allow the system to see in all directions. There are also other specialized accessory accessories available in case of unusual circumstances.

The size of the drain or pipe does not have to be a barrier to the use of CCTV drain inspection equipment. Very small compact drill bit systems can be used to move down pipes as narrow as 25 millimeters or an inch in diameter.

These small drills do not have the sophisticated pan and tilt heads and some of the other bells and whistles due to size limitations, but they still provide a very important service. Larger CCTV drain inspection units with greater overall versatility can easily navigate through drains 600 mm or 2 feet in diameter.

The mini explosion-proof drill-scope camera systems may lack the useful things like pan and tilt heads, but they are an excellent tool for inspecting narrow pipe configurations both on land and offshore, especially in potentially hazardous situations such as in petrochemical plants.

Any industry that uses a complex pipe system for drainage needs camera inspection technology. Regularly scheduled inspections can prevent unnecessary damage or problems that occur by being warned of their existence. The downtime that is forced on a company through the sudden breakdown of a pipe or drainage system can be very expensive.

Drain inspection using closed camera systems is designed for every possible need. They range from the very small and simple to the larger and very sophisticated models. Almost any eventuality is covered to provide the client with accurate condition reports that can save money and time.

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