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Posted by AllmaJess on June 13th, 2014

One of the most important but sadly ignored aspects of modern living is that not all the sophisticated electrical appliances used are verified for safety. UK has a rather strict way of dealing with it. The impact of globalization has caused a great variety of foreign appliances to make its foray into the market. Hence, it has become imperative that all of them need to undergo the PAT testing label or better known as ‘Portable Appliances Testing’. A PAT Testing Leeds Company always ensures that all your electrical meet the basic safety requirements. The entire process called ‘in-service inspection and testing of electrical equipments’ renders all electrical installation Leeds parts comply with the legal wants and how much one is considerate and serious about safety issues.

What is important to note is that records of safety of electrical are always present with the concerned authorities, be it schools, offices, councils, hotels and restaurants or simply the households. For employers who have shown a high degree of recklessness and lackadaisical attitude prevailing among them and even those who have not, it is mandatory to undergo the test to avoid danger. Nevertheless, quite often more questions boggle the mind of commoners about the basics of PAT testing. Few ones are as follows:

-What is the accreditation of the company?

Asking a prospective PAT Testing Leeds company about their professional accreditation is a noteworthy thought. There is no official body to fulfill this task, but all companies and other places as mentioned earlier must belong to any reputed electrical installation Leeds association. In addition, most companies these days claim to be a part of all these associations, but checking that their membership is constantly updated is a relevant one.

-What are the qualifications of the engineers?

No non-professional is licensed to carry out the PAT test. There must be qualified engineers who have met the criteria of recognized industry standards for Fixed Installation testing. Verifying all this goes a long way to assure one about one’s personal and the company’s safety in general.

-Are the equipments used the latest and calibrated ones?

Constant monitoring of the PAT testing tools helps in its improvement. Therefore, before you go to a company, ensure that they use upgraded equipments and the calibrated ones, for they are known to give the correct readings. Any calibrated equipment possesses a certificate to prove when the last time it was tested was and the time of retesting it.

-Are the tools insured?

All your efforts in finding the right company with the right set of staff goes to waste if you fail to take sufficient care in ensuring whether there is a public liability insurance at all. Any professional company will see that their equipments used are legally binding. In the absence of insurance, you have no way of redress or worse still be unable to recover the losses incurred because of the massive fault.

A qualified PAT Testing Leeds company will always see that visual inspections test, load tests or insulation-resistance tests are carried out in advance. It is recommended that one looks into the company and invests accordingly.

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