Herbs for health: turmeric

Posted by ei2Aevai on January 1st, 2021

Herbs for health: turmeric

Any healthy eating guide should include a review of turmeric. Long overlooked as a health herb in North America, turmeric has been highly regarded in Ayurvedic medicine in India for thousands of years. In the western world, it has been on the spice rack, for use in curries, but the healing benefits of turmeric have long been overlooked.

1. The botanical ginger close to Turmeric has long enjoyed a more prominent position on the shelf of herbalists. Ginger has been shown to help lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol, and prevent blood clots that trigger heart attacks and strokes. Herbalists are beginning to believe that these two together, ginger and turmeric can offer a one, two hit to combat these problems.

2. Turmeric is also associated with fighting to relieve morning stiffness and joint swelling from osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. While studies continue, it is worth a review with your doctor, to see if he or she feels that turmeric would help, if you suffer from these conditions. Over-the-counter capsules are available for both turmeric and ginger at most health food stores and some supermarkets and pharmacies.

3. Research suggests that turmeric stimulates the flow of bile, which helps with the digestion of fats, which is why turmeric is part of our Herbal Healthy Eating Guide for your diet and weight loss program. Commission E, which is the FDA's German counterpart, approves turmeric for indigestion. สมุนไพรเพื่อสุขภาพ

Turmeric grows wild in some of the tropical countries of South Asia and is also cultivated in India and the Caribbean. It is often used in Indian cuisine, in its curries and marinades. The attractive yellow color of turmeric is reminiscent of saffron. Turmeric powder is used to some extent in Mexican, Puerto Rican, and Caribbean cuisine. It is the ingredient that gives your white rice that wonderful yellow color. It is also a main ingredient in mustard and is what gives our American mustard its bright yellow color.

As with all herbs and spices, turmeric should be stored in a tightly closed container, in a cool, dark place, for no more than 6 months. While it can be purchased "ready-to-use" at your local grocery store, try whenever possible to visit a spice store and buy it fresh.

In short, turmeric is an herb that will add flavor and color to your cooking and should be part of your healthy lifestyle eating plan if possible. However, as with any herb, if you plan to use it to improve your health, check with your doctor or physician before starting to take it in bulk or capsules.

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