Top ten practical steps of boosting your SEO content marketing

Posted by Arjun Saxena on January 1st, 2021


This decade has presented many opportunities that can support you reach a lot of customers. SEO content writers were not caught by amazement to hear that the search engine is ranking customer-focused content. However, the issue has been given a lot of importance that it should be; it is majorly focusing on keyword-rich content which results in poor user experience and lower conversations on the site. Therefore, this decade is all about engaging the user first by producing content that is rich in value.

The following are practical tips that can help you boost your SEO content marketing.

  1. Mapping keyword to search intent

Mapping keyword is an important step that involves assigning target keywords to specific pages and posts. While most SEO Masters narrow this into their process, it is not distinctive for the search intent fact to be left in the site. In this decade the search intent is supposed to be front and centre. This remains the best way to create content that is extremely common to the indicated keywords. The most useful thing to remember is that you should not crush a keyword to your content so that it can be ranked. It is good to study what the visitor is trying to accomplish in searching the keyword and create content that is focused on that.

  1. Become a topic expert

Light content no longer has its place in this decade. In this decade, it is all about making value-packed content. Surprisingly, value is one of the words that are tedious to define, and hence they are significantly misused in the marketing niche. Value means giving out the solution your prospective clients are looking for. It is vital, and it only takes a topic expert to pin it down. Moreover, having some certificates behind your name can give your content move credibility and help you build trust with your audience. Thus, the best way to create good content is to write what you know best or hire an SEO specialist who in turn can write well- research content for you.

  1. Increasing Brand Authority by guest posting

Major SEO professionals understand that guest posting can be a great way to attract more visitors and customers. The question is if you can use guest posting to build your brand Authority. If not, you could miss some relaxing and well-paying opportunities. Writing for the correct publication help in attracting more customers and help you to stand out in your speciality. Look for sites, and blog content that aligns with your prospective customers and whose activities on your website could generate traffic for your brand.

  1. Invest in high-quality visual

Everyone can get tired of exploring through dull and image less content. This decade is the decade to up your image technique by adding custom graphics, photos, and videos to your content. The primary reason as to why you have to do this is because of the consequences of sourcing images from the web and not because of engagement. The best site to source your graphics is the likes of Fiverr, LinkedIn, or Facebook. Finally, the outcome of using SEO images are well documented. For you to attract a good number of customers to tag your content a competitive edge by incorporating your brand images, videos, and graphics.

  1. Utilize content optimization Tools

You don't have to be a master bin writing to create search engine optimized content. Equally, you don't need to be an expert to write engaging articles. You can choose to fill the niche with content tools that help you write better and optimize your content in the right manner. For best SEO experts, tools like Grammarly Hemingway. Editor highly recommends ensuring that your content is friendly to users, engaging, and clear. For writers, suffer SEO, text tools and page optimizer pro are highly recommended to make sure your content is rich in keywords, and it is well optimized. Use the content tools to your advantage when it comes to writing engaging and professional materials.

6.  Work on the quality of your keywords.

How appealing are your keywords? Are you targeting the right client? The choice of your keyword is the right client is dictated by what you are selling. Plug them into search engines and then looking at what the competition is about on the SERP. Then you can use Google Ads keywords planner, look for the broad match keyboard variations. Use the one primary key phrase per page. Exclusively, you will have to use a keyword research tool like BrightEdge or threats. An ideal keyword research tool will give you a useful keyword suggestion, search volume per keyword, score on the difficulty of the keyword on the ranks, and the number of clicks you expect for each keyword suggestion. A new site or you don't have a secure page rank, use long-tail keywords, and choose the lower volume hanging fruit that is going to be easier to rank for. After having your list of keywords, now categorize them according to your customer's persona and create a content event calendar.

7. Write the main description which encourages clicks.

The main description is the line of text that appears below your heading on search results. While these descriptions do not have a direct effect on the search ranking, they are essential in helping visitors see if they have found what they were searching for and in getting them to click through to your content. That means you have to make your main description variant of the keywords. The length of the meta description can vary, but you are supposed to sustain them in the range of 120 to 150 characters.

8. focus on readability

 A good number of SEO content that is ranked at the top of SERPs has a few futures in them, including the following important feature: clarity, organization, logic, and simplicity. For your content to be readable, you need to gather more people who will stay longer; this will help in Google ranking.

 9. Go deeper into your content

 A noteworthy SEO inclination is designing content that goes deeper into a topic. However, this only works for higher ranking websites. The following steps can be followed when you want complete content: write long blog posts, explore different types of topics, and write final guides.

 10. Do original research

 Non-comparable research is an immense boost to SEO content. Suppose you include statistics, studies, information, and study on your website. In that case, you will be providing a chance for other sites to link to you and cite your findings, not to mention incredible value to your industry audience.


Following our discussion above. Some steps can be incorporated to boost your SEO content marketing successfully. It is therefore advised that before you think of promoting your SEO content to implement the above actions effectually.

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