How some clothing stores online are redefining customer service

Posted by GeorgeVelvet on June 14th, 2014

No matter how attractive looking some of the online clothing stores become, they would always have trouble selling if they don’t focus on the most important aspect of any business transaction – customer service. On the other hand, clothing stores online that focus on this one single most important aspect, have no trouble attracting new customers even when they lag in some of the other areas. And the best part of these online stores is that they find out where they are lagging and make improvements.

What are those customer expectations from the clothing stores online? Contrary to what many people think, it is not discount on items or lower prices. In a recent survey of online customers, it was revealed that 85% customers wouldn’t mind spending more if they got exceptional service from the seller. 55% customers also said that they would always recommend certain online clothing stores if they found the service to be satisfactory. So, what are the elements that the modern customers are looking for? What are some of the best stores offering to them?

Purchase assistance
Since clothing stores online don’t have a human assistant, they help customers in other ways. When you visit a top store, you see the latest and trendy clothes displayed on their home pages. Some of the stores also have virtual assistants that hover in one of the bottom corners of every page, willing to answer your questions in real time. And of course, you also get product recommendations as you browse through the catalogs.

Someone to connect to
Have a question in mind that you need answered before you purchase? The top online clothing stores give you the option to call up, chat or send an email. Most of them have toll-free numbers that are attended by experienced customer representatives and they can answer all your queries or solve your issues.

Speed of delivery
Same day or next day delivery has become a norm with the top clothing stores online rather than exception. When you shop for an item today, you can expect the package to reach you the same day or the next day at the max. This is how these websites are making customers feel special.

Advance intimation of discounts
When you register with some of the top online clothing stores, they send you texts and emails where they let you know about the upcoming discount sales or if a new set of clothes has been added to their catalog. This keeps you ahead of the other shoppers.

There are many clothing stores online that have mastered these four elements and these are the ones that are making waves in the online shopping space. When you visit these top online clothing stores, you can easily see for yourself that they are different from the other online stores. And when you are able to see that a store is willing to go out of its way to give you an exceptional shopping experience, wouldn’t you naturally prefer it over other stores?

Some of the clothing stores online are doing great business because of their focus on customers. The best online clothing stores offer more than the ordinary.

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