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Posted by Nick Niesen on October 26th, 2010

I have been living in this neighborhood for five years and I?m just now meeting the neighbors. It is not that they are unfriendly or that I didn?t want to meet them, it?s just that I had a very demanding job. I worked a lot of extra hours, it was usually dark before I got home, and I went on frequent business trips. With the little free time I had, I just didn?t have the time or energy to walk around the neighborhood and make an effort to meet anyone.

Well, all that changed when I made the decision to quit my ?job? and start my own business. Yesterday, I met two neighbors and today I met another one. That?s because I took the time to walk around the neighborhood and speak to people that I saw outside. It?s a lot different when you are working at home instead of getting home after 6:00 in the evening. When you?re working at home, you can take a break and take a short walk (or long one for that matter) while it?s still daylight.

I can?t make claims of luxurious homes, vacations, and yachts like some people, but I can tell you with my own business I work my own hours, I am my own boss, I enjoy working from home, and I make money doing it. It is a lot easier than having an hour?s commute each morning and evening five days a week. It also brings peace of mind ? the stress is gone, no reports or projects due in the morning, no boss to answer to, no conference calls and no meetings.

Also, I can?t claim to work only a few hours a week because in fact I work more hours than I did when I had a regular job. I don?t mind the extra work because I am building my own business and not someone else?s. I am making money for myself and not for the boss.

Have you met your neighbors?

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